Dj Cruze

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Dj Cruze com provides you the most recent press kit. In this press kit provides you all his highlights, venue highlights and rates.



Dj Cruze has been a fan of music and has been a professional Dj for 10+ years. His versatile style showcases his expertise in all genres of music such as Reggaeton, Dembow, Latin Pop and much more. Performing to hundreds of people on a weekly basis only confirms his expertise to entertain the crowd. From scratching to blending while animating simultaneously only demonstrates he can do it all. 

Cruze separates himself from the rest of the competition by having the ability to speak “Spanglish” on the mic. Having the upper edge of him speaking fully Spanish and English is a talent among other characteristics of being a DJ.

In his podcast you can hear his live mixes from some of the venue’s he’s Dj’d live. 

Lastly, you can hear his focused genre mixes such as “Workout Mix” series along with the “Reggaeton Mix” series. Those mixes are also available on Apple Podcast, Amazon Alexa and Google Podcasts.

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