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DJ Cruze Hip Hop/R&B Mix

August 6th, 2014 | By

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Because sometimes music makes it all a little bit clearer…

Mellow out and get in the zone with DJ Cruze’s latest Hip Hop/R&B Mix.

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DJ Cruze Slow Jam Mix

May 7th, 2014 | By

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From the latest, top releases to a few throwbacks, DJ Cruze has compiled a slow jam mix perfect for hanging with mom (we wonder how many hits she knows all of the words too) or your significant other.




DJ Cruze Takes It to the Club

March 20th, 2014 | By

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DJ Cruze released his latest weekly mix via podbean this afternoon, titled, “DJ Cruze Takes It to the Club.”  This mix is full of throwbacks, the hottest club bangers and classics you’d love to hear in the club.  Especially for deejays, DJ Cruze made sure not to include his drops so you can use this at your leisure.


Note to DJS: This mix starts at 99 BPM and finishes on 114BPM

New (R&B) Artist Alert: Eric Bellinger

March 7th, 2014 | By

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New Artist Eric Bellinger has potential to become a big-time R&B artist, according to DJ Cruze.  He says, “Bellinger’s been in the scene for quite sometime, but doesn’t have enough shine yet.”  All that is about to change.  We got hold of his latest record, “I Don’t Want Her” which seems to be blasting on the west coast and quickly taking over the mainstream.

DJ Cruze says, “what makes like this record so much is he samples groups such as The Jackson 5, Kriss Kross.”  Reminding him of Marques Houston, but with a “pop feel,” DJ Cruze says this record will be huge for the spring season!

Video Courtesy of VIBE Magazine via YouTube.

Check out New Artist Eric Bellinger in DJ Cruze’s Radio Mix below (15:55):

Tweet Us @DJ_Cruze and let DJ Cruze know what you think.  Will Eric Bellinger be the Top, Breakout R&B Artist for Spring 2014?

Teedra Moses is Back!

February 25th, 2014 | By

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New Orleans R&B/Soul Singer and Songwriter Teedra Moses is back with an upcoming album, since her debut album “Complex Simplicity” in 2004.  Although just releasing her second full body of work, Teedra has been seen on some of the industry’s hottest artists albums such as Trina, Macy Gray, Raphael Saddiq and Mary J. Blige.

“All I Ever Wanted” is the first single released from Moses’ upcoming EP featuring NEYO and Rick Ross, titled “Cognac & Conversation,” and DJ Cruze says “overall, it’s a good song.”



This release took DJ Cruze back, he said, “It almost reminded me of older R&B Music.”  He added, “her voice was perfect for the song.”

Although this isn’t a club banger, DJ Cruze says it’s definitely fit for radio.  “I enjoyed the jazzy feel, with a twist of modern pop; however, I would have liked to hear a little more depth in the beat,” says Cruze.  Regarding the hook, Cruze adds, “she nailed it.  She’s repetitive, but in a good way and it sounds good to the ear.”

It seems that Moses is working closely with Rick Ross and the MMG music label; this is a great move for her comeback and has us anticipating what’s to come.



With Love, Mya

February 16th, 2014 | By

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Did you keep it “sexy and simple” this Valentine’s Day?  R&B Superstar Mya’s mantra is just that and this Valentine’s day, the Washington, D.C. Native released what she calls a “laid back collection of four grown and sexy, R&B/Soul cuts that set the mood.”

The singer released the gift just in tie for the holiday weekend as she says, “a simple Valentine’s Day gift to her fans.”

1. Space
2. Like A Woman
3. House Party
4. Do It

Check out the personal messages for her fans and snippets of each song via Souncloud below.

Listen and purchase Mya’s “With Love,” via iTunes or Amazon.

Check out Mya on social media:


DJ Cruze R&B Mix

December 18th, 2013 | By

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DJ Cruze, Play Another Slow Jam…this time make it sweet! No Problem! DJ Cruze has you covered! Check out the hottest slow jams on this new 2013 R&B Mix!

DJ Cruze Analyzes: Drake

August 7th, 2013 | By

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It’s safe to say that Drake is pretty much well-known across the music industry; this Canadian Rapper, Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist and Actor has crossed genres and seen pretty much collaborating with all of the latest and greatest artists as of late; first making headway with his association with Lil’ Wayne and YMCMB.  DJ Cruze lends an overall critique of this artist, saying that “although he is a talented artist, he lacks creativity.”



Let’s analyze this statement…



Drake’s newest release is “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” which was just released this week.  In this song, Drake introduces us to a “good girl” that he’d love to take home with him, and as Billboard quoted, “For All the Right Reasons.”  We see straight R&B from the recording artist, and also feel him channeling the late great Marvin Gaye.



Based on the instruments and rhythm, most listeners can tell a Drake song when they hear one.  In this release, DJ Cruze knew way before the vocals chimed in, better yet, as soon as the beat dropped.  His first thought that came to mind, he says, was “this is a replica of Take Care” featuring him and Rihanna.
Upon further research, DJ Cruze heard samples with beats identical to those used in Take Care.  Overall, he says, “The Song is Good, but there’s no ‘wow’ factor.”



DJ Cruze simply wasn’t impressed, for three reasons:


  1. His voice is very monotone

  2. With all of Drake’s fame and money, he is able to hire a coach to help him sound much better than he’s coming across in this single

  3. This new release sounds identical to Find Your Love, a previous record released by Drake

If you know anything about DJ Cruze, you know he isn’t going to sleep until he comes to his final conclusion. With that being said, DJ Cruze dissected all three songs: Find Your Love, Take Care and Hold On, We’re Going Home.



Overall, DJ Cruze says, “Even though Hip Hop and R&B intertwine very loosely, I think drake should take a couple steps back and go back to the drawing board. Instead of putting out recycled stuff like 50 cent was doing.”


DJ Cruze Review: “Better” by Chrisette Michele

June 11th, 2013 | By

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Available in stores worldwide today, Chrisette Michele releases her latest work, Better.


Chrisette Michele Better


For those whom may not be familiar with Chrisette Michele, she is what we may consider a “Hip-Hop, Soul Singer.”  She has collaborated with many big-time artists such as Jay Z, Nas and The Game and most known for her music award nomination, GRAMMY win in addition to several BET Award accolades.

As a DJ, It is my job to be knowledge of all acts across all genres.  I enjoy new and experimental sounds; especially those that are outside of the “norm.”  When I listen to Chrisette Michele, I expect “grown” and mature music.

This album is a bit a different from her older projects; “Better” really doesn’t stand out.  With no disrespect intended to her talent and her singing ability, I simply do not feel there is one song that catches a listener’s ear.  Usually there’s always that “one song” that makes people want to buy her CD just to hear what else she has to offer; unfortunately, this time, she fails to comply on delivering for her fans.

Even though she has a few collaborations on this project, I feel she used those collaborations to her advantage, to generate buzz and to convince people to listen to her.  The songs with Wale and 2 Chainz aren’t the highlights of this CD, as you would expect with featuring these two major and current artists on the project. But, maybe her intention this go round wasn’t to stimulate sales.  Yes, she has a beautiful voice; but I feel this CD is no where comparable to her other works released in the mid 2000s.  Artist’s of her caliber, or even that of Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson just don’t exist these days, and it seems that it’s hard for these artist to even top themselves!


Chrisette Michele courtesy of Amazon


We do; however, give Chrisette credit for sticking to what she knows and being good at it. I like the fact she stuck to percussion instruments and did not come across too futureristic. Many of the most recent releases from artists in the industry are sex related or about degrading men. I feel that with this project Chrisette intended to speak directly to her female audience.

Even though Chrisette stayed within her range and her the CD overall is a good compilation, it still isn’t provoking enough to convince the younger crowd to purchase this CD. I feel that many of her songs have an Estelle or Fantasia kind of feel or style. I’m not saying it’s a bad sound, it just doesn’t have that WOW factor that many critics listen for. Even though she has been in the music industry for over five years, I feel she still has room to improve and become an exceptional singer.

Listening to this CD is not a waste of time, you just have to be a real fan of music and the artist to support it.  This CD doesn’t not appeal to the younger crowd, and I personally would only recommend it to the rhythm-and-blues audience.

Considering this project, in my opinion, was dull and mediocre; I would actually keep a couple of the songs in my iPod. Chrisette is still roughly new to the industry and has a great deal of room and time to improve, especially given the fact that this is only her fourth album.  Signing to Motown Records was a good decision and I guarantee the company will help her progress and showcase her true talent.

“Women Have an Ear For Good Music.”

April 3rd, 2013 | By

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The launch of today’s Weekly Wednesday Mix by DJ Cruze celebrates women and their influence on the music industry to date. We’ve compiled a mix of R&B hits from DJ Cruze’s database to evoke passion and emotion but also to empower all of the Single, Female listeners.

DJ Cruze says, “I wanted to keep it simple and choose songs that ladies can sing along too. They know good music and quickly adhere to messages that promote positivity and relate to their struggle. Compiling this mix was an enjoyable experience. I know my male followers will certainly sing and bop their heads as well.”


Stay in the loop with DJ Cruze Socially, and connect on Twitter @DJ_Cruze and on Instagram @DJCRUZE.

We guarantee to bring you a fresh new and free mix each and every Wednesday at!