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Drake set to headline the 5th Annual Governors Ball Music Festival

January 8th, 2015 | By

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Just announced, Drake is set to join chart-topping artists such as Lana Del Rey, Kiesza, and Deadmau5 this summer for an outdoor music festival, the Governor’s Ball.

Governor's Ball Music Festival Lineup

June 5th through 7th, the Governor’s Ball will be held at Randall’s Island Park in New York City. Tickets for the event will be available starting tomorrow, Friday, January 9th at 12 noon EST and will be available for purchase here.

For updates, connect with The Governor’s Ball Music Festival on Facebook.

For more information on the Governor’s Ball, visit:

Charlamagne’s Controversy: Good or Bad for Power 105.1 FM?

October 17th, 2014 | By

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The Breakfast Club Radio Personality Charlamagne tha God is known for being unfiltered when it comes to his opinion. We applaud Charlamagne for asking the questions that everyone is thinking, but too afraid to ask; however, we beg to wonder whether getting to the root and truth of celebrities’ lives, drama, etc. is worth the beef and backlash that he receives and possibly loss of support for Power 105.1 FM.

Just last week, the internet was flooded on his beef with Nicki Minaj. The female rapper went as far as calling the radio station to complain and threaten losing her endorsement and potential interviews. The week before… drama regarding Charlamagne and Wendy Williams surfaced.

It sparked our attention today, since we are in the business of producing drops, that Charlamagne has responded once again, but this time regarding his hand in the 50 Cent vs. Floyd Mayweather beef.

Did Charlamagne insert his nose where it didn’t belong? Do you think this helps or hurts his career; especially given the fact that bad press with the World’s Greatest Heavyweight Boxer may effect revenue generation for the station? Is all press good press?

Watch his interview with DJ Vlad’s VladTV below, and you decide!

DJ Cruze Battle of the Booty Mix

October 1st, 2014 | By

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Tailfeather, Culo… however you classify these Chart Topping Booty Songs; we guarantee this mix is complete of more than Twerk Music! This is the Ultimate Booty Mix… Battle of the Booty, in fact!

Whether you’re not missing any meals, got a big booty or can whine gayl, it’s time to go to work!

Check out DJ Cruze’s latest mix below and let us know what you think! Who do you think represents “booty” the best?

DJ Cruze celebrates Spanish Heritage Month

September 24th, 2014 | By

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In honor and in celebration of Spanish Heritage Month, DJ Cruze presents TWO fire mixes for you to enjoy!

DJ Cruze Dembow Mix

DJ Cruze Reggaeton Mix

Remy Ma – Hot Nigga/Jackpot (Bobby Shmurda) Remix

September 12th, 2014 | By

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Do you hear the bombs dropping, cause this one is fire!

Fresh Out, trynna get this Shmoney… #ShmurdaSheWrote
Check out Remy Ma reclaiming her spot in the latest and illest “Hot Nigga Remix.”


ICYMI: Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne EXTENDED Summer Jam Set

August 7th, 2014 | By

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Nicki calls Drake “The People’s Champ,” and Lil’ Wayne “The King.”  Watch their entire performance from Hot 97’s Summer Jam below:


Angie Martinez – THE TRUTH With Elliott Wilson

July 25th, 2014 | By

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Where were you when you heard Angie Martinez was leaving New York Radio Hot 97? It was news heard around the world; the queen of NY radio…moving on? Some thought it was a hoax, until we received confirmation, the news was indeed true. Elliott Wilson gives an exclusive interview with Angie Martinez herself; she talks her work with Hot 97 and upcoming ventures in this video exclusive from “Rap Radar and Jay Z’s Life & Times via YouTube.”

#MusicMonday DJ Cruze “Rhythm of the Night” Rework

June 16th, 2014 | By

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Exclusively for your Music Monday listening pleasure, DJ Cruze reworks Corona’s old classic “Rhythm of the Night.” if you’re still sleepy from your holiday weekend; this electro-house rendition will surely get you energized for the week! Stream and Download on soundcloud here.

DJ Cruze Reviews: Mobb Deep “The Infamous Mobb Deep”

April 9th, 2014 | By

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The INfamous Mobb Deep

One week after it’s release, Mobb Deep’s eighth studio album “The Infamous Mobb Deep” only received a little over 7,000 units sold and a ton of criticism.  Said to be “just business; no fun and games here,” by HipHopDX, the first thing DJ Cruze noticed is that the album was quite lengthy.  DJ Cruze investigates whether Mobb Deep got right to the point with their latest releases or simply produced a ton of fluff in their eight-year hiatus.

First and foremost, granted it’s been almost 20 years since their last album release, DJ Cruze suggests this is the album to cop, especially if you’re big on New York Hip Hop!  Given Prodigy’s arrest may have led to the stall in music production, Mobb Deep seems to have certainly returned with a vengeance.  DJ Cruze says, “Mobb Deep is giving their fans ‘The Best of Mobb Deep’ on this album.  The 46 tracks feature collaborations with legendary industry artists such as Snoop Lion, Bun B and Juicy J.

What DJ Cruze enjoyed:

“These guys still have it,” says DJ Cruze!  From their rhymes, to their beats, to their story telling, DJ Cruze believes this album is “on point.”  He continues, “listening to The Infamous Mobb Deep makes me feel as if Mobb Deep never left the music scene.  Prodigy and Havoc rap as if they are young artists in the game; obviously being older now with more experience, they simply give us a fresh perspective towards their artistry.”  Their maturity and perfected style blends with the modern beats to give a current feel to the seasoned artist’s.

What DJ Cruze didn’t enjoy:

Not only are there a ton of tracks on this release, many are songs that you may have already heard.  To DJ Cruze, some of these tracks didn’t belong on the album and some simply sounded similar to earlier recordings.  “We see why some of the tracks were unreleased prior,” says DJ Cruze after learning some of the songs on the new album were developed years before.  This begs us to question why Mobb Deep decided to release the tracks as of late rather than in their earlier years… were they not good enough to make the cut or were they just plain old horrible representations of the artist’s range.


DJ Cruze believes that this was a great opportunity for Mobb Deep to take a step back into the music industry and remind us all of the lyricists they once were and still continue to be.  Perhaps, there is another project looming and this release was to fund it.

Cop it because the album is going to give you a mix of “everything;” from new songs with current artists to classic songs that we all enjoy (Shook Ones, Part 2).

Gear up for the tour; Mobb Deep began performing these songs across the U.S. back in January, and will continue through May 2014.  Prepare yourself for an overtake; this rap duo is on the course to remain relevant and competing with older, notorious groups releasing new material such as The Wu Tang Clan; however, the difference is (according to DJ Cruze) as a small group, Mobb Deep will experience less politics surrounding this album compared to Wu Tang.  Mobb Deep will, guaranteed, get radio play, and although this CD isn’t the best, DJ Cruze says “it does have a few tunes that will stay around for a while.”

Check out this past week’s interviews with the artists:

Source: HipHopDX


Source:  COMPLEX Music

DJ Cruze Reviews: Drunk in Love, Remix

February 15th, 2014 | By

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…The first thing I heard was an “Arab” intro; it kinda gave me the feel of Jesus Walks by Kanye West.  Not too long after, did I realize this was a rendition of “Drunk in Love;” it had the same beat, but with a few more synths.  This new version of “Drunk in Love” is like the “Ish I Don’t Like” by Chief Keef.

Ahhh…here’s the key difference, Yeezy’s on the track!

Continuing with his love manifestation with Kim Kardashian, Kanye delves back into his happy place…talking about himself along with his “perfect” relationship.  This time, ‘Ye gets very explicit.  We were so shocked when Beyonce spoke on “Surboard” and “Watermelon,” but wow, music symbolism is seen yet again.  In his verse, Kanye gives us a window into their life “messing up sofa’s” and even discloses a few personal secrets of his lover, such as “impregnating Kim Kardashian’s mouth” and the idea that Kim always wanted her own reality show, separate of that of her and her family seen in “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”  Kanye made it very clear that he didn’t want to live his life, nor did he wants his daughter paraded in front of the reality show cameras, but could this be any hint at a change of heart on Kanye’s part?  I guess we’ll have to keep watching and listening to find out.

Finally, we get a more human side of Kanye, or has he been completely transparent with us this whole time?  [sidenote] Makes me wonder if his speaking on the drug Molly can be taken literally as well.

The composition of the beat is pretty much the same, nothing really special.  Listen closely, a few more instruments are added to the simplistic beat, like a clap here and there in addition to a deeper key kick to the rhythm.  You’ll notice a few differences in B & Jay’s lyrics, a drop from Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” B’s a little chopping and a “church echo” on Beyonce towards the end of the song.

To be honest, I’m not really shocked of this remix. I pretty much expected this from Kanye; however, rather than add to the track, I believe he ruins the overall feel of the record.