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Mike.Will.Made.It vs. DJ Mustard

June 17th, 2014 | By

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Mike Will interviews with The Breakfast Club; says he sees no competition with DJ Mustard; Watch here:

Source: Hot 97

OWN’s Golden Sisters Learn “Drunk in Love” Lyrics

March 17th, 2014 | By

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Are the Golden Sisters (Mary, Josie and Teresa) hip, confused or disgusted?  See how they react to Beyonce, Jay Z and Kanye West's "Drunk in Love" lyrics below.



Special Thanks to WSHH for the video. For more Golden Sister’s Youtube Videos, subscribe here.

DYK:  DJ Cruze’s “Drunk in Love” Bootleg was trending on soundcloud.  In case you missed it…

DJ Cruze Reviews Cassidy’s ‘Surfboard’

February 19th, 2014 | By

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Guess Who’s Back?

Since our last posts, “So, Everybody’s Drunk In Love Now,” and “DJ Cruze Reviews ‘Drunk In Love,’ Remix” it seems that literally, everyone is Drunk in Love.  When was the last time a song was remixed so much?  We knew Drunk in Love was going to be a radio banger ever since it’s release in December, but who knew it would inspire the entire Rap Music Community?  Not only has Rapper T.I. made his version, but Philly Rapper Cassidy is back with a legitimate track  – not just another Meek Mill dis – titled “Surfboard.”

Cassidy Surboard, Image courtesy of

DJ Cruze says, “He completely remade the beat to fit his style. The running snares…simple kick with minimal bass. The producer still used the same vocals with additional vocals from im guessing an upcoming singer.”

DJ Cruze admires Cassidy for this remix attempt, he’s followed his music for some time now and can truly say one good thing about Cassidy and it’s that he remains consistent.  He continues, “I like how this rapper doesn’t change his swag on rapping; however, his flow still the same.”  DJ Cruze feels that Cassidy’s metaphors and rapping style is redundant and this isn’t enough to make it on the current music scene, “I think that’s why this guy hasn’t had much success in the recent years… he hasn’t recreated himself.”

This track will; however, get him some positive attention in an attempt to rebuild his image.  Compared to the other remixes, the track had a fresh beat, at least.  It is something new compared to what was released this weekend, although still using the “flashing lights,” “watermelon” and “surfboard” lines as the chorus; each artist kept with the theme of the song and it’s raunchy undertone…some more obvious than others.  Beyonce’s message was subliminal; however, the artists have used this as their chance to express their sexual freedom.

Overall, DJ Cruze rates the song as a three-out-of-five.  DJ Cruze says, “Cassidy is just short of a four rating due to his style.  If he was to be a little more descriptive and less lyrical, perhaps it would of gotten more of my attention.”

So, Everybody’s Drunk In Love now?

February 16th, 2014 | By

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Follow up to Beyonce & Kanye West’s “Drunk In Love” Remix released for Valentine’s Day, 24-year-old artist The Weeknd has his R&B rendition hitting social media aggressively.

Check it out below and let us know what you think!

DJ Cruze Reviews: Drunk in Love, Remix

February 15th, 2014 | By

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…The first thing I heard was an “Arab” intro; it kinda gave me the feel of Jesus Walks by Kanye West.  Not too long after, did I realize this was a rendition of “Drunk in Love;” it had the same beat, but with a few more synths.  This new version of “Drunk in Love” is like the “Ish I Don’t Like” by Chief Keef.

Ahhh…here’s the key difference, Yeezy’s on the track!

Continuing with his love manifestation with Kim Kardashian, Kanye delves back into his happy place…talking about himself along with his “perfect” relationship.  This time, ‘Ye gets very explicit.  We were so shocked when Beyonce spoke on “Surboard” and “Watermelon,” but wow, music symbolism is seen yet again.  In his verse, Kanye gives us a window into their life “messing up sofa’s” and even discloses a few personal secrets of his lover, such as “impregnating Kim Kardashian’s mouth” and the idea that Kim always wanted her own reality show, separate of that of her and her family seen in “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”  Kanye made it very clear that he didn’t want to live his life, nor did he wants his daughter paraded in front of the reality show cameras, but could this be any hint at a change of heart on Kanye’s part?  I guess we’ll have to keep watching and listening to find out.

Finally, we get a more human side of Kanye, or has he been completely transparent with us this whole time?  [sidenote] Makes me wonder if his speaking on the drug Molly can be taken literally as well.

The composition of the beat is pretty much the same, nothing really special.  Listen closely, a few more instruments are added to the simplistic beat, like a clap here and there in addition to a deeper key kick to the rhythm.  You’ll notice a few differences in B & Jay’s lyrics, a drop from Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” B’s a little chopping and a “church echo” on Beyonce towards the end of the song.

To be honest, I’m not really shocked of this remix. I pretty much expected this from Kanye; however, rather than add to the track, I believe he ruins the overall feel of the record.

DJ Cruze Analyzes: Drake

August 7th, 2013 | By

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It’s safe to say that Drake is pretty much well-known across the music industry; this Canadian Rapper, Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist and Actor has crossed genres and seen pretty much collaborating with all of the latest and greatest artists as of late; first making headway with his association with Lil’ Wayne and YMCMB.  DJ Cruze lends an overall critique of this artist, saying that “although he is a talented artist, he lacks creativity.”



Let’s analyze this statement…



Drake’s newest release is “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” which was just released this week.  In this song, Drake introduces us to a “good girl” that he’d love to take home with him, and as Billboard quoted, “For All the Right Reasons.”  We see straight R&B from the recording artist, and also feel him channeling the late great Marvin Gaye.



Based on the instruments and rhythm, most listeners can tell a Drake song when they hear one.  In this release, DJ Cruze knew way before the vocals chimed in, better yet, as soon as the beat dropped.  His first thought that came to mind, he says, was “this is a replica of Take Care” featuring him and Rihanna.
Upon further research, DJ Cruze heard samples with beats identical to those used in Take Care.  Overall, he says, “The Song is Good, but there’s no ‘wow’ factor.”



DJ Cruze simply wasn’t impressed, for three reasons:


  1. His voice is very monotone

  2. With all of Drake’s fame and money, he is able to hire a coach to help him sound much better than he’s coming across in this single

  3. This new release sounds identical to Find Your Love, a previous record released by Drake

If you know anything about DJ Cruze, you know he isn’t going to sleep until he comes to his final conclusion. With that being said, DJ Cruze dissected all three songs: Find Your Love, Take Care and Hold On, We’re Going Home.



Overall, DJ Cruze says, “Even though Hip Hop and R&B intertwine very loosely, I think drake should take a couple steps back and go back to the drawing board. Instead of putting out recycled stuff like 50 cent was doing.”


DJ Cruze Trichotomy:
A Review of June 18th releases Kanye West, J. Cole and Mac Miller

June 18th, 2013 | By

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A Tribute to the June 18th Artists; here’s to A Big Day in Hip Hop!  Check out DJ Cruze’s June 18th Mix from his podcast below.




It seems like for months, DJ Cruze has awaited the release of Kanye’s latest and most criticized album to date, not only because it was highly anticipated, but it has been DJ Cruze’s top interest to critique whether the album was worth all of the stir it has since caused.  Immediately, when DJ Cruze received the copy, he went straight for the productions credits and style, saying “It looks like he [Kanye] is taking production in another way [than before].”



Not only was this the smallest tracklist that DJ Cruze has ever seen released from a rap artist, aside from the album’s name, he was also surprised that much of the production is from Daft Punk.  “Daft Punk is a French EDM producer in which Kanye previously worked with on the “Stronger” track on West’s third studio album, Graduation.”  Already, DJ Cruze is optimistic, as he hears a completely different perspective than ever before!


He states, “In this album, Kanye has a great deal of yelling and wailing.  He gives off a weird feeling; almost somewhat Gothic in a sense. Not only is this album is very explicit; it even goes a bit over board, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I do believe that Kanye will lose many people’s interest simply because people are not used to this side of him. But this is what hip hop and rap are about, right?  Testing new ground?  Evolving?”


He continues, “Compared to his other releases, in Yeezus, Kanye takes a more lyrical approach. His flow is so natural that is almost sounds like his talking and melodizing which is something new. I enjoy the beats, which were very simple; however, still complex at the same time.  Any producer can see the talent it took this production to pinpoint the necessary instruments to contribute to the sound.”


In the end, there were still a few unenjoyable and distasteful aspects; Kanye’s vulgarity being one of them.  DJ Cruze says in support, “I see where he is coming from, but I still believe he had a way to go around what he was saying without being so ignorant about it.”  Maybe that’s what gave the album it’s edge, because DJ Cruze says “there was never a dull or boring point; it’s a good CD overall!”  It is quite evident; however, that Kim Kardashian is a common thread throughout the entire work.  DJ Cruze continues, “Thinking back to Van Gogh, I remember he had an infatuation so deep with a woman as to where he cut his own earlobe off and sent it to her in declaration of his love.  This CD almost makes me think, it is actually Kim Kardashian that is making Kanye feel like he’s GOD.”


On a scale of one-to-10, with 10 being the highest, DJ Cruze rates Yeezus an eight!





It’s safe to say, J. Cole is still fairly new to the rap game; he’s an artist who is still developing and DJ Cruze gives him his props as he can hear his progression.  Born Sinner, to DJ Cruze, seems more of a versatile and even more enjoyable album than J. Cole’s last.  Unlike Kanye West, J. Cole is sticking to the simplicity of hip hop; even some of his instrumentals sound like Kanye West old productions.



DJ Cruze enjoys, “that he’s more liberal and you can hear he had fun doing this project.”  He adds, “Even though a lot of J. Cole’s songs are already getting radio play, he still has a lot of music which may not be as popular as the radio hits, and a great amount of that is on this CD.  For example, as a huge fan of Outkast, so when the two collaborated on “da art of Story Tellin Part 1,” the beat alone made me much more of a fan. You can hear that J. Cole is more lyrical, and took this project much more personal with what he had to say.  It just gives me an idea of how much his life changed now that he’s a big time artist.”


DJ Cruze did not enjoy, “the instrumentals.”  He says, “Most beats sound very similar to the previous ones. Even though you hear the difference in his flow, it’s not yet enough to deliver the “WOW Factor.”  It takes artists a few albums before they get into their comfort level and J Cole fits into this category.”  In addition, “the songs are way too long; since people have short attention spans, the same song on for four minutes is sure to bore the listener.”


Overall, DJ Cruze says, “the CD is A LOT better than Cole World.”  He explains, ” This album opens up a new perspective for J. Cole and shows he’s here to stay. I like the cameos he has and not one track sounded too out of his range. Even though there really aren’t any club bangers, there is a great deal of lounging music and it fits perfect for his style.”


DJ Cruze rates Born Sinner a seven-and-a-half out of 10, saying “J. Cole tried new things with this project, and has definitely proved himself to the general public.  I’m sure his fans are satisfied with his hard work! It’s Real, True Music.”


Mac Miller Albumwork



Mac Miller’s “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” was also released today. Unfamiliar with his history, DJ Cruze had to do a fair amount of research on this artist.  Being his second album release, DJ Cruze feels that this release was “really good material,” compared to Mac Miller’s previous work.  DJ Cruze also stated that he’s surprised Miller has not received a bigger buzz!
DJ Cruze opened this project with an open mind and hoping not to feel disappointed after the listen.  After listening to the first few songs he was quite impressed.  DJ Cruze says, “this reminds me of the old Eminem… his flow, the subject matter and the ruthlessness of his words.”  He continues, “His music is much deeper than what we’re accustomed to but is good material. Later in the project, you can hear influences of Talib Kweli, and Common (in terms of beat selection).”


In this CD, Mac Miller collaborates with artists such Schoolboy and Jay Electronica, and it doesn’t end at those two.  However, although those collaborations are important for Miller, DJ Cruze says “those artists will not help to popularize him any more than his current state.”  Just as J. Cole above, Mac Miller also lacks the “WOW Factor” according to DJ Cruze.  He says, “Although I enjoy his flow and dynamic lyrics, his music is too slow for me to vibe with.  The beats are similar, the kicks and snare are tight, but it’s just not enough.”


DJ Cruze concludes, “I like this album; it’s a little too much on the underground side, but I see that’s his style.  This is a totally different type of hip hop from the two artists above, therefore I have to rate it on a totally different scale.  In terms of underground hip hop, this album would be just shy of a rating of seven out of 10.”  DJ Cruze feels that Mac Miller has much to prove in the music game, especially considering he’s going head-to-head [regarding release date] with two of the biggest artists in Hip Hop right now.  DJ Cruze ended, saying, “I would definitely keep a couple WMWTSO songs in my Ipod to hear from time to time.  Mac Miller is a threat; artists beware of what he has to bring on the table, he may hit the foreground faster than you think!”


DJ Cruze Kanye West Birthday Mix

June 5th, 2013 | By

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Kanye West

With only three days remaining until his 36th Birthday, it’s safe to say that The World’s Most Controversial Artist is most likely counting the blessings of his very existence at this moment… Happy Birthday Yeezy!
Who would ever have known that on June 8, 1977 one of the Greatest Musical Artists of all time would be born in the Chi. As we wait on the edge of our seats for the Yeezus Album to debut this July, today we celebrate the lyrical genius that is Kanye West.

DJ Cruze says, “This mix includes the beginning works of Kanye West to the very most recent of his songs. Note that I’ve included past production for several artists such as Cam’ron Giles, The Game, and many more.


Listen to DJ Cruze’s Kanye Birthday Mix and tell us what you think!


Kanye West

Kanye West Releases Music from the Vaults:
A DJ Cruze Mixtape Critique

April 29th, 2013 | By

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Kanye West

Kanye West releases never-before-heard material, dating back to 2001 and The College Dropout Era.  The demo/mixtape is comprised of 15 unreleased tracks.

Listen & Download Here:



DJ Cruze’s Thoughts on the Demo:


Listening to this mixtape took me back to my high-school years, listening to Kanye West’s old-school flow.   The first thing I noticed was that Kanye’s voice sounds much deeper in tone than previous years.  This could be the result of using a lower end of microphone then compared to the equipment he utilizes in his recent/current releases.  Perhaps, he’s simply more comfortable on the mic now than he was in previous years.  Overall, I enjoyed the old flow and his storytelling; you can hear the sincerity in his voice/lyrics.


Kanye sources more hip-hop/soul beats for this release; simple kicks, snares with a piano melodies and a few samples. The overall composition was impeccable as Kanye utilized percussion instruments, which to me is “hip-hop at its finest.”   The beat construction was very simple, and few rappers today go this route in production or even master it on any level. The fact that Kanye does not use 808 drums in this release, compared to rappers today, added to the success of this release.  Many of the beats you’ve heard in the market once before; a good example is “Jesus Walks.”  However, the song “Gotta Pose Snippet” on the demo tape samples a previous Solomon Burke 1968 original production (“Get Out of My Life Woman”) and uses the wording “I Don’t Love You;” this was used on “I Changed My Mind,” a Keysha Cole song featuring Kanye West on her 2005 Album “The Way It Is.”  The recent new hip-hop version consists of that slow 128 or 66 bpm, while in this mixtape, you hear the beats start about 88 to about 101 bpm.


On the flipside, there aren’t any “club bangers” on this demo mixtape, but the lack of club songs doesn’t put the album to shame… it’s very enjoyable.


I can almost compare it to the G Unit Mixtape circuit.
His sound is an influence of Talib Kweli and Common; the latter, to me, is expected, especially given both Kanye and Common’s links to Chicago.


His storytelling is against the grain and will surprise many listeners.


His style is a true showcase of talent; he displays different paces of rap flow, demonstrates that he can Rap at a slow pace, while being melodic st the same time.


Maybe this is the demo presented to Jay-Z while Kanye was shopping labels for a deal; if so, I completely understand Jay-Z’s rationale on picking up this artist.  Kanye sounds completely different that what we’re accustomed to hearing from his releases.



Take into consideration that aside from being a DJ, I am also a producer and trained to listen to every kind of genre of music on a daily basis.

I give this mixtape a score of 8.5 out of 10.

Rather than being quoted as a mixtape, this release is obviously a demo; although, Demo Tapes are usually three-to-five songs, with the best songs in the beginning of the sequence to capture the listeners attention. However, as an avid listener of music and moreover a fan of early 2000s music, its evident that this release was not duplicated and is in fact, the real thing.

One aspect that contributed to this being a great demo piece was that there weren’t enough songs!  Although he presented a complete track listing with 15 songs, it didn’t feel long enough. For any aspiring rappers, this is an important factor when making a CD or EP. Overall this demo was good, and i wouldn’t change anything because this is what people like to listen. PROPS!

Classic Party Starter + Sick House Drop = I’m the Ish!

April 17th, 2013 | By

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This week’s Weekly Wednesday Mix is a Bootleg by DJ Cruze. DJ Cruze takes DJ Class featuring Kanye West’s “I’m the Ish” and fuses with a new House Drop. This is the perfect way to transform your “classic party starter” into an up-to-date club banger. All DJ’s are advised: This is one to add to your Serato! Listen here:

Meanwhile… stay connected with DJ Cruze on Social Media and follow on Twitter @DJ_Cruze & Instagram @DJCRUZE! We’re concocting a 4/20 Mix that’ll give you wings; check us out Friday for your Free Download for the weekend!