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Merry Christmas! Stream DJ Cruze New Mixtape Free

December 24th, 2014 | By

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Merry Christmas! DJ Cruze is full of holiday cheer and has a special gift, just for you; his 2014 Mixtape! Turn Him Up High & Listen/Stream Below or download here.

DJ Cruze Battle of the Booty Mix

October 1st, 2014 | By

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Tailfeather, Culo… however you classify these Chart Topping Booty Songs; we guarantee this mix is complete of more than Twerk Music! This is the Ultimate Booty Mix… Battle of the Booty, in fact!

Whether you’re not missing any meals, got a big booty or can whine gayl, it’s time to go to work!

Check out DJ Cruze’s latest mix below and let us know what you think! Who do you think represents “booty” the best?

DJ Cruze Hip Hop Mix

September 11th, 2014 | By

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Thought you knew better…
This is DJ Cruze territory!
DJ Cruze, The Come UP Prince!
Jealousy, Jealousy, that’s how you feel?
You talk about it, we be about it!

Check out DJ Cruze’s latest Hip Hop Mix here:

Don’t forget, all DJ Cruze Mixes are free to stream and download on Podbean!

Ariana Grande – “Problem” Transition by DJ Cruze

June 10th, 2014 | By

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Grande’s “Problem” and Hardwell’s “Rambo” together for a high-infused, energy generating smash by DJ Cruze.  Enjoy, stream and download:


DJ Cruze Workout Mix 5

April 23rd, 2014 | By

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High-Energy, EDM infused workout mix for your hump day; stream or download and enjoy, courtesy of DJ Cruze!



DJ Cruze Reviews: Mobb Deep “The Infamous Mobb Deep”

April 9th, 2014 | By

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The INfamous Mobb Deep

One week after it’s release, Mobb Deep’s eighth studio album “The Infamous Mobb Deep” only received a little over 7,000 units sold and a ton of criticism.  Said to be “just business; no fun and games here,” by HipHopDX, the first thing DJ Cruze noticed is that the album was quite lengthy.  DJ Cruze investigates whether Mobb Deep got right to the point with their latest releases or simply produced a ton of fluff in their eight-year hiatus.

First and foremost, granted it’s been almost 20 years since their last album release, DJ Cruze suggests this is the album to cop, especially if you’re big on New York Hip Hop!  Given Prodigy’s arrest may have led to the stall in music production, Mobb Deep seems to have certainly returned with a vengeance.  DJ Cruze says, “Mobb Deep is giving their fans ‘The Best of Mobb Deep’ on this album.  The 46 tracks feature collaborations with legendary industry artists such as Snoop Lion, Bun B and Juicy J.

What DJ Cruze enjoyed:

“These guys still have it,” says DJ Cruze!  From their rhymes, to their beats, to their story telling, DJ Cruze believes this album is “on point.”  He continues, “listening to The Infamous Mobb Deep makes me feel as if Mobb Deep never left the music scene.  Prodigy and Havoc rap as if they are young artists in the game; obviously being older now with more experience, they simply give us a fresh perspective towards their artistry.”  Their maturity and perfected style blends with the modern beats to give a current feel to the seasoned artist’s.

What DJ Cruze didn’t enjoy:

Not only are there a ton of tracks on this release, many are songs that you may have already heard.  To DJ Cruze, some of these tracks didn’t belong on the album and some simply sounded similar to earlier recordings.  “We see why some of the tracks were unreleased prior,” says DJ Cruze after learning some of the songs on the new album were developed years before.  This begs us to question why Mobb Deep decided to release the tracks as of late rather than in their earlier years… were they not good enough to make the cut or were they just plain old horrible representations of the artist’s range.


DJ Cruze believes that this was a great opportunity for Mobb Deep to take a step back into the music industry and remind us all of the lyricists they once were and still continue to be.  Perhaps, there is another project looming and this release was to fund it.

Cop it because the album is going to give you a mix of “everything;” from new songs with current artists to classic songs that we all enjoy (Shook Ones, Part 2).

Gear up for the tour; Mobb Deep began performing these songs across the U.S. back in January, and will continue through May 2014.  Prepare yourself for an overtake; this rap duo is on the course to remain relevant and competing with older, notorious groups releasing new material such as The Wu Tang Clan; however, the difference is (according to DJ Cruze) as a small group, Mobb Deep will experience less politics surrounding this album compared to Wu Tang.  Mobb Deep will, guaranteed, get radio play, and although this CD isn’t the best, DJ Cruze says “it does have a few tunes that will stay around for a while.”

Check out this past week’s interviews with the artists:

Source: HipHopDX


Source:  COMPLEX Music

YG & DJ Mustard #MKL

March 28th, 2014 | By

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YG & DJ Mustard discuss a few tracks off of his album #MKL (My Krazy Life) with Sway on MTV’s Rap Fix Live.

YG also explains how “Thank God” was made from prison.


More from @DJ_Cruze on #MKL:





By the way, YG’s #MKL is currently No. 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.


March 27th, 2014 | By

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Cristina Gatti remakes Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” to 1940s Swing.
This is uber creative! This “Great Gatsby” style is an amazing rendition of the popular track; “this is true talent” says DJ Cruze!

20 Years Later – #IllmaticXX

March 25th, 2014 | By

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It’s been twenty years since the release of Rapper Nas’ debut album Illmatic and in commemoration of his contributions to the industry and affect of Illmatic on his lengthy career, Nas is set to release Illmatic XX on April 15.

Nas Illmatic XX cover - itunes

Although, the original Illmatic was birthed on April 19th, this release hits the shelves just days before Nas’ anniversary and official introduction to the music scene.  Planning to expand on this triumph, Nas has announced that he will also release a full-length documentary to accompany the album, titled “Time is Illmatic.”

On April 15th, we’ll have the full review by DJ Cruze, but until then enjoy “I’m a Villian,” released by Nas this morning from the upcoming Illmatic XX.

The two-disk release will feature remastered projects from Illmatic in addition to Demos, remixes, freestyles and more from the artist.

Preorders of Illmatic XX are now live on iTunes!

Tweet @dj_cruze on tell him what you think of Nas’ return!

DJ Cruze Takes It to the Club

March 20th, 2014 | By

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DJ Cruze released his latest weekly mix via podbean this afternoon, titled, “DJ Cruze Takes It to the Club.”  This mix is full of throwbacks, the hottest club bangers and classics you’d love to hear in the club.  Especially for deejays, DJ Cruze made sure not to include his drops so you can use this at your leisure.


Note to DJS: This mix starts at 99 BPM and finishes on 114BPM