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GRAMMYs Album of the Year – See the Contenders!

January 5th, 2015 | By

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Beyonce, Pharrell and Sam Smith are just three of the artists nominated to take home a GRAMMY this year for “Album of the Year.” Watch below as goes behind-the-scenes with the GRAMMY nominees and goes inside the Album in which their being nominated for.

For more GRAMMY Nominee, Album of the Year behind-the-scenes, such as Ed Sheeran and Beck visit on YOUTUBE here.

Mathew Knowles Discusses Destiny’s Child’s Future with WSJ

January 4th, 2015 | By

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Matthew Knowles, father and former manager of Destiny’s Child member Beyonce, discusses their future in a sit down interview with Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Watch it here:

ICYMI: Beyonce & Jay Z #OnTheRunHBO

September 23rd, 2014 | By

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In case you missed the premiere on September 20th… In it’s entirety, check out the live and behind-the-scenes footage from Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run Tour captured exclusively by HBO. This is “ON THE RUN TOUR: BEYONCÉ AND JAY Z.”

FYI – This documentary is now available via HBO On Demand and HBO GO!

Beyonce Outshines Nicki Minaj in “Flawless Remix”

August 3rd, 2014 | By

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Although it’s none of anyone’s business what happens in the Carter household, we all know Beyonce better addresses her feelings and personal life best in her music.  Well, we must have all forgotten who in fact is the “Queen B;” but don’t fret, Beyonce reminds us quickly and I’m sure has silenced all the negative rumors, slaying the skeptics and laying all the drama and mess to bed.  Check out the remix heard all around the world…don’t ever get caught slipping, because while you’re sleeping… you may miss a game changer.  Listen to Beyonce’s “Flawless Remix,” featuring Nicki Minaj here:

Flawless Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj by Beyoncé

The “Beyoncelogues” by Nina Millin

June 17th, 2014 | By

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All Actors, I’m sure, can appreciate this!

If you’ve taken Acting 101, you’re familiar with the infamous monologues; my own publicist recalls her Acting class at PSU where she reenacted Mary J. Blige’s “Be Without You.”  Tweet @DJ_Cruze your favorite hip-hop monologue!

In what other ways do you see music inspiring life… or life imitating music?

Check out Nina Millin’s Beyoncelogues below for: “Irreplaceable,” “If I were a Boy,” and “Mine.”

Get Inspired!

M.I.A. Remixes “Flawless,” without Beyonce!

May 14th, 2014 | By

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M.I.A. announced via Twitter that after several failed attempts to collaborate on a "Flawless" remix with Beyonce, she's simply uploaded it to Soundcloud for us all to enjoy!



Take a listen to "Baddygirl 2" and tweet @DJ_Cruze your thoughts!



March 27th, 2014 | By

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Cristina Gatti remakes Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” to 1940s Swing.
This is uber creative! This “Great Gatsby” style is an amazing rendition of the popular track; “this is true talent” says DJ Cruze!

OWN’s Golden Sisters Learn “Drunk in Love” Lyrics

March 17th, 2014 | By

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Are the Golden Sisters (Mary, Josie and Teresa) hip, confused or disgusted?  See how they react to Beyonce, Jay Z and Kanye West's "Drunk in Love" lyrics below.



Special Thanks to WSHH for the video. For more Golden Sister’s Youtube Videos, subscribe here.

DYK:  DJ Cruze’s “Drunk in Love” Bootleg was trending on soundcloud.  In case you missed it…

Lil’ Wayne: Tha Carter V

March 13th, 2014 | By

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Lil Wayne has been in the rap game for over 15 years.   He’s the originator of the terms “Bling, Bling,” “The block is hot,” and many other “hip-hop” terms that resonate in popular culture and every day life.  He’s a trendsetter, entertainer and a true thinker.

Essentially, we’ve watched Lil’ Wayne grow up; and just like Jay-Z and other various rap giants, there have been whispers of a retirement from the artist.  That’s news we never would have even fathomed.

In a recent interview with, Lil’ Wayne stated that Tha Carter V will be his last, solo album.  Wayne stamps his mark on this project being on of the best he’s ever put out, in terms of the amount of work he’s putting into it.  A follow-up or comeback would be near “impossible,” he says.
DJ Cruze wonders what exactly does this mean?  Rather than walking in the booth and laying the tracks down off-the-cuff or is he writing his material personally?

Regardless, we’ll have to wait until the “surprise release” to form our opinions on whether we think his statement was made in haste.  Until then, enjoy the clip below where Lil’ Wayne states the only way he’ll make another solo album following Tha Carter V is if his record label pays him 25 to 35 million dollars.


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What do you think of his comments?
Is 25 to 35 million dollars an exorbitant amount of money to request from a label?  Even from an artist of his caliber?
DJ Cruze says, “since most artist under major labels get paid off of commission; a portion off of each unit sold), I’m sure the label is laughing at him right about now.”  But, Lil’ Wayne says, he’s not joking!

Maybe we missed something.  Perhaps Lil’ Wayne’s one million units sold during his first week of Tha Carter IV release is nothing compared the the residual he saw from his previous releases?  Or do we dare question, “Is Lil’ Wayne washed up?”  Yes, hip-hop has changed quickly in the past year or two alone.  With the introduction of new artists such as French Montana and YG or new forms of rap sound and lyricizing, an artist who’s been in the game since the 90s may be loosing his creative range.  Is that why it would be “impossible” to come back from his upcoming EP release?

Nevertheless, don’t get your panties in a bunch… this isn’t the last we’ll hear from the rapper.  Lil’ Wayne stated he’s still willing to collaborate and lend his talent to other artists’ projects.

Tweet @DJ_Cruze and let us know:

Do you think Lil’ Wayne “retiring” his solo career will make him irrelevant on future releases in which he’s featured?

Do you think Lil’ Wayne’s record label is holding him to creating Tha Carter V because of poor album sales from Tha Carter IV?

DJ Cruze Reviews Cassidy’s ‘Surfboard’

February 19th, 2014 | By

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Guess Who’s Back?

Since our last posts, “So, Everybody’s Drunk In Love Now,” and “DJ Cruze Reviews ‘Drunk In Love,’ Remix” it seems that literally, everyone is Drunk in Love.  When was the last time a song was remixed so much?  We knew Drunk in Love was going to be a radio banger ever since it’s release in December, but who knew it would inspire the entire Rap Music Community?  Not only has Rapper T.I. made his version, but Philly Rapper Cassidy is back with a legitimate track  – not just another Meek Mill dis – titled “Surfboard.”

Cassidy Surboard, Image courtesy of

DJ Cruze says, “He completely remade the beat to fit his style. The running snares…simple kick with minimal bass. The producer still used the same vocals with additional vocals from im guessing an upcoming singer.”

DJ Cruze admires Cassidy for this remix attempt, he’s followed his music for some time now and can truly say one good thing about Cassidy and it’s that he remains consistent.  He continues, “I like how this rapper doesn’t change his swag on rapping; however, his flow still the same.”  DJ Cruze feels that Cassidy’s metaphors and rapping style is redundant and this isn’t enough to make it on the current music scene, “I think that’s why this guy hasn’t had much success in the recent years… he hasn’t recreated himself.”

This track will; however, get him some positive attention in an attempt to rebuild his image.  Compared to the other remixes, the track had a fresh beat, at least.  It is something new compared to what was released this weekend, although still using the “flashing lights,” “watermelon” and “surfboard” lines as the chorus; each artist kept with the theme of the song and it’s raunchy undertone…some more obvious than others.  Beyonce’s message was subliminal; however, the artists have used this as their chance to express their sexual freedom.

Overall, DJ Cruze rates the song as a three-out-of-five.  DJ Cruze says, “Cassidy is just short of a four rating due to his style.  If he was to be a little more descriptive and less lyrical, perhaps it would of gotten more of my attention.”