DJ Cruze; Breaking Out from the Usual

Last Updated April 10th, 2013

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This week, DJ Cruze unleashes his versatile flavor with a new Weekly Wednesday Mix:  Reggaeton!

Rather than be categorized as a Latin DJ, Hip-Hop DJ, Top 40 DJ, DJ Cruze truly has a knowledge of various genres and song databases.  No mater the event or the venue, you’re guaranteed to feel the style, flow and passion behind the artistry.

This mashup, in particular, fuses popular Reggaeton hits with Popular Mainstream artists such as Rihanna.

Listen here:

This is just a stepping stone for Cruze; stay tuned to find out what he’ll come up with next week.

Tomorrow Night, Foreplay Fridays with DJ CRUZE at SOHO!

Last Updated April 5th, 2013

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In Case You Missed It: Five-and-a-Half Minutes of DJ Cruze Blowing Your Mind

Last Updated April 5th, 2013

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DJ Cruze Turned up tonight when he presented his Friday Night Special, 30-Minutes of 80’s and 90’s House.  DJ Cruze Mashed Up Artists from Crystal Waters to Haddaway.

Matter of Fact…just take a listen for yourself!

Click Here: (ClubZone4413)

4-4-13 DJ Cruze Live Broadcast (

Make Sure you Check Out DJ Cruze

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Nights Live on!

“Women Have an Ear For Good Music.”

Last Updated April 3rd, 2013

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The launch of today’s Weekly Wednesday Mix by DJ Cruze celebrates women and their influence on the music industry to date. We’ve compiled a mix of R&B hits from DJ Cruze’s database to evoke passion and emotion but also to empower all of the Single, Female listeners.

DJ Cruze says, “I wanted to keep it simple and choose songs that ladies can sing along too. They know good music and quickly adhere to messages that promote positivity and relate to their struggle. Compiling this mix was an enjoyable experience. I know my male followers will certainly sing and bop their heads as well.”


Stay in the loop with DJ Cruze Socially, and connect on Twitter @DJ_Cruze and on Instagram @DJCRUZE.

We guarantee to bring you a fresh new and free mix each and every Wednesday at!

April Giveaway

Last Updated April 2nd, 2013

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Brought to you by DJ Cruze and Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur…

Red Velvet Cake by Nuvo

For one week, DJ Cruze will allow his fans and followers to Enter & Win.  Complete the items listed below for Contest Entry and winners will receive one bottle of Nuvo Red Velvet Cake courtesy of DJ Cruze.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 9th at Noon (EST).

  1. Follow DJ Cruze on Twitter (@DJ_Cruze)
  2. Follow DJ Cruze on Instagram (@DJCRUZE)
  3. Tweet: “I just Entered @DJ_Cruze’d Sweet April Giveaway at!”
  4. Textgram or Instagram a creative message or photo to DJ stating how much you love Red Velvet Cake


One Winner will be picked at random and announced Tuesday, April 9th by DJ Cruze himself on the Official Blog, Twitter and Instagram.

Stipulations:  All Entrants must be 21 or Over to participate.  The Winner must take a photo of the product once it arrives and shout out DJ Cruze on Twitter and Instagram.


Note:  Red Velvet Cake Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur is best served on the rocks or with Cream Soda!  Share with us your favorite pairings on social media!

Reminder:  DJ Cruze to release his Weekly Wednesday Mix tomorrow at Noon (EST).  This week’s theme:  Single Ladies!  Check here for updates daily!

DJ Cruze Radio Aircheck

Last Updated March 30th, 2013

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A Message from DJ Cruze:

I encourage (from experience) any DJ aspiring to break into the radio industry to consistently produce audio aircheck’s to demonstrate their talent off air, as it would be performed live.

This is an essential tool to possess, most particularly as far as your Press Kit or resume applications are concerned.

Below, check out a sample I’ve put together to promote my mixing ability, the DJ Cruze Brand, local advertisers/events and of course – the station.

Get Into the Game:
DJ Cruze
March Madness Mix

Last Updated March 27th, 2013

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The Road to Becoming a Top-Notch DJ (Dee Jay/Disk Jockey) includes one specific destination along that journey: Mastering the Mix.

No residency or celebrity event will fulfill DJ Cruze more than the satisfaction of knowing his mixes are unmarred and matchless.

On his quest to the Top, DJ Cruze discusses why he frequently returns to the Mixing Room; for one purpose only… PERFECTION!

Referring to the March Madness 2013 Mix, he states:

“Making this mix was probably one of the hardest mixes I’ve ever done in my entire DJ/Production Career. Composing this piece literally forced me to sit on the other side of the speaker and analyze this weeks Mix Subject, song relevancy to it along with the needs of the listener. The song selection took an hour to set up alone; simply because I aim to tell a story rather than throw a bunch of songs together. I also wanted to show diversity by mixing Old School, New School, Hip-Hop and a bit of Rock-and-Roll.”

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Last Updated March 20th, 2013

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