DJ Cruze Mashup: Rihanna “Stay”

Last Updated April 29th, 2013

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This week, DJ Cruze lended a previously mixed mashup from his DJ Archives to Rihanna’s “Stay,” featuring Mykki Ekko.


Listen, Download & Comment Below!




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DJ Cruze Critiques WorldstarHipHop’s Worst DJ Ever

Last Updated April 28th, 2013

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WorldstarHipHop Recently Posted a User-Submitted Video “Worst DJ Ever!? How Not to DJ.”  Not only does this title fit the video perfectly, our own DJ Cruze would like to let you know exactly why.



Other than this video being thoroughly entertaining to watch, especially for those who take Music Entertainment seriously, our own DJ Cruze has several personal pet peeves to share.

“The first thing I noticed was that he didn’t use any headphones.  The second, that he used a Numark S7 midi controller!”

At first, DJ Cruze joked about how amateur the DJ seen in the video appears, saying, “His mixing really sucks!”  However, DJ Cruze could lend some positive criticism to the video.  He says, ” I know  he’s making an ass out of himself, but he knows what hes doing!”

When DJ Cruze said this, he means in terms of the crowd connection.  He states that the video, overall is entertaining, but he cannot help but to give the video DJ “props” for not being shy.  As a Nightlife Entertainer, DJ Cruze takes pride in his relationship with the crowd; not only to hype them up, but to show that he’s having a great time as well.  DJ Cruze lends his support to this amateur video DJ simply because he is exhibiting a skill that most DJ’s do not utilize; saying, “many of the DJ’s I’ve come across are scared of even touching the microphone!”

To learn a few DJ skills from the Mix Master himself, Watch DJ Cruze – Live Mashup Video.

Dj Cruze – Live Mashup Video

Last Updated April 26th, 2013

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Watch DJ Cruze’s new video on Youtube, as he mixes it up with multiple beats. Using the “In the Club” Acapella by 50 Cent; for example, you’ll notice his music talent and diversity. DJ Cruze says, “Mixing two different songs is the easy part; making a new production on the fly, is the hard part.”

DJ Cruze is no stranger to the music industry. Check out the video and tell DJ Cruze what you think!

You can also download this mash up here!!!

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Enter the Smoker’s Room: DJ Cruze 420 Mix

Last Updated April 19th, 2013

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420 is the Code for What?

Bad Girl Ri

This week, DJ Cruze releases a Special Mix, highlighting industry potheads and known weed smokers.

Remember, “I Got Five On It?” or “Because I Got High?”

DJ Cruze has put together some of the greatest hits, some subliminal and some direct blunt blowing in your face!  You decide, can DJ Cruze get you Faded?

Vibe out and get POP-ded on the new podcast below featuring Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Three 6 Mafia and More:


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New Music Review: Lore’l – Billboard Bytch

Last Updated April 18th, 2013

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Many of you may know Lore’l from her recent appearance and cast as member of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop’s Season 3; however, record shows as well as she claims, she’s been in the Rap Game for quite a while now. Given all the hype Lore’l’s career received both throughout the season and especially during the Season 3 Reunion Episodes, many music lovers anticipated the release of her upcoming project given that she teamed up with Yandy Smith, who has managed acts from Cam’Ron and Jim Jones to Missy Elliott and 50 Cent.  Lore’l stunned the audience by highlighting not only a mixtape release, but also a bigger venture – opening her own record label.




Courtesy of, Listen to “Billboard Bytch” in its entirety here:

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However, in DJ Cruze’s opinion, the work comes off being very amateur and didn’t delivery as expected.  Although Billboard Bytch is the “follow up piece” to Lore’l’s last project “Leading Lady,” this new mixtape did little to advance her as an artist.  In the words of DJ Cruze, “I don’t see any growth from the last mixtape.  It’s not any better.”  Prior to listening to the mixtape, DJ Cruze read the mixed reviews amongst the Hip-Hop blogs; for the most part, they comments were fairly positive, so DJ Cruze went into this project with an open mind.


Here’s his in-depth critique:


On her Flow…

DJ Cruze says, “she reminds me of a combination of Remy Martin and Foxy Brown.”  He continues, “Yes, these women were a major influence on the Hip-Hop Culture, but like the both of them, Lore’l brings a “ganster” style to her flow…that was relevant back in the early 2000s.  In my opinion, the music she produced on this release is not sellable to a large market.”

On her Beat Selection…

DJ Cruze says, “it’s very uptempo and street tough, but the release lacks  radio-friendly records and what we like to call ‘club bangers.’  What stood out, instead, was her foul language (cursing), but also various styles of rapping.”

DJ Cruze recommends that listeners “play this demo in their Beats by Dre headphones, and not in a home theater.


Like vs Dislike

I immediately enjoyed the beats…you can see that she had a lot of fun doing this mixtape.  I also like the fact that she spoke very freely about how she felt about certain things and didn’t sugar coat her lyrics. Many of her choruses were very catchy and it’s evident that she wrote all of the music herself.  I can respect a creative artist, simply since many musicians lack an overall imagination these days.”  He continues, “my favorite song is “‘Tear the Club Up” and I would qualify this mixtape as a “cruzing cd”.  With the volume on high, you’re sure to get an adrenaline rush.”

On the flipside, DJ Cruze didn’t like “the poor song structure.”  Saying, “the mixtape had no sense of relevancy to the title of “Billboard Bytch,” that should have been reconsidered.”  In addition, he adds, based on the songs in the mixtape, it seems as though she was heavily influenced by Lil’ Kim as many of the lyrics either sounded like Lil’ Kim or similar to the lyrics she would use.”


The Critique

“As a music critic and having a production background, I did not see the symmetry between the artist and the project.  Every song on the mixtape wasn’t necessarily for her/didn’t match her flow, and most importantly, her voice was not up to key to many instrumentals she rapped on.  She failed to tell her specific story and relationship with Rap, but instead, highlighted “Niggas, Bottle Popping, and Money Blowing.  She delighted in telling a story of guys fiending over her crotch and blowing weed.  Comparing her to other Hip-Hop artists I’ve studied, Lore’l failed to show her true artistic side.”

Although the mixtape featured artist cameos, DJ Cruze was disappointed yet again, saying “it just contains up-and-coming rappers.”  Rather than working with Local Artists or some in which she’s been known to be associated with, she opted for a different route; however, manymusic heads anticipated an appearance by Fabolous or even Red Cafe.  “Overall,” he continues, “This mixtape; unfortunately, is one of those CD’s that are only good for one song, and then you throw it away.”


On a scale of One-to-10, with 10 being the highest, DJ Cruze rates “Billboard Bytch” at a six!

He says, “Many aspects of the mixtape kept it from receiving a 9.5 or even a 10;  starting with the song structure, CD graphic design, and creativity on songs.

Ironically enough, he concludes, “I look forward for future productions from her.”




Look forward to New Artist Releases and Album Reviews by DJ Cruze each and every Thursday at!

*** NEWS ALERT ***

A Special Friday Mix will be released by DJ Cruze on Friday, April 19th and available for download.  Check back at Noon, EST.

Classic Party Starter + Sick House Drop = I’m the Ish!

Last Updated April 17th, 2013

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This week’s Weekly Wednesday Mix is a Bootleg by DJ Cruze. DJ Cruze takes DJ Class featuring Kanye West’s “I’m the Ish” and fuses with a new House Drop. This is the perfect way to transform your “classic party starter” into an up-to-date club banger. All DJ’s are advised: This is one to add to your Serato! Listen here:

Meanwhile… stay connected with DJ Cruze on Social Media and follow on Twitter @DJ_Cruze & Instagram @DJCRUZE! We’re concocting a 4/20 Mix that’ll give you wings; check us out Friday for your Free Download for the weekend!

Celebrity DJ 101: It’s More than Just Showing Up – Kim D Birthday Bash + Exclusive Pics!

Last Updated April 12th, 2013

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Kim D Birthday Bash

“In this business, planning is essential.  It’s to your benefit to plan in advance; it’s always worth the time and effort.”

There isn’t one gig that DJ Cruze steps into blinded or ill prepared.  Working with Kim D directly, DJ Cruze was able to create the perfect event to honor the Birthday Girl.  “You have to truly get to know your client, inside and out.  From the era in which they were born/grew up to what inspires them personally.  These two criterion allowed me to perfect a Birthday MashUp that few DJ’s could bring to the table.”

DJ Cruze was tasked to combine hits from the Greatest Song Master’s since the early 40s; from Frank Sinatra to Bruce Springstein, Kim D is a true Italian, New Jerseyan and Music Buff.

“It was unique and reassuring when DJ Cruze sat down to plan this event with Kim DePaola (most known from Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New Jersey Franchise),” he says.  “Kim only wanted Oldies!  While I was able to still express current popular music and mix it up with artists such as Justin Timberlake and Neyo, primarily, we focused on classics from The Beatles to Ray Charles.”

Kim D Birthday Bash

The event, held at Il Tulipano, was an intimate and personal setting.  It hosted family and friends, while showcasing all facets of the Birthday Girl’s Empire: A Summer Runway Show by Posche Boutique and her latest venture Cuffs by Kim D.  Never missing a beat, Kim D received support from close friends Teresa and Joe Giudice.

Kim D Birthday Bash
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DJ Cruze; Breaking Out from the Usual

Last Updated April 10th, 2013

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This week, DJ Cruze unleashes his versatile flavor with a new Weekly Wednesday Mix:  Reggaeton!

Rather than be categorized as a Latin DJ, Hip-Hop DJ, Top 40 DJ, DJ Cruze truly has a knowledge of various genres and song databases.  No mater the event or the venue, you’re guaranteed to feel the style, flow and passion behind the artistry.

This mashup, in particular, fuses popular Reggaeton hits with Popular Mainstream artists such as Rihanna.

Listen here:

This is just a stepping stone for Cruze; stay tuned to find out what he’ll come up with next week.

Tomorrow Night, Foreplay Fridays with DJ CRUZE at SOHO!

Last Updated April 5th, 2013

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In Case You Missed It: Five-and-a-Half Minutes of DJ Cruze Blowing Your Mind

Last Updated April 5th, 2013

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DJ Cruze Turned up tonight when he presented his Friday Night Special, 30-Minutes of 80’s and 90’s House.  DJ Cruze Mashed Up Artists from Crystal Waters to Haddaway.

Matter of Fact…just take a listen for yourself!

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4-4-13 DJ Cruze Live Broadcast (

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