DJ Cruze Diary: The Come UP Prince, Part Two

Last Updated June 10th, 2013

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The second behind-the-scenes with DJ Cruze is here. Take a step into his Life as a DJ and tell us what you think. Is it as easy as you may have imagined?


Diary of DJ Cruze “The Come UP Prince” Part Two releases tomorrow!

Last Updated June 9th, 2013

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If you enjoyed our Snippet or part one of The DJ Cruze Diary “The Come UP Prince,” parts two and three are underway.

DJ Cruze The Come UP Prince, part two

On the eve of its release, part two will debut tomorrow at noon EST.  It will continue to highlight the every day life of DJ Cruze, behind-the-scenes.  In Part two, watch DJ Cruze as he attends an open call for a nightclub, creating a mix live to even getting his car towed in New York City.  No one ever said the life of a DJ was easy; DJ Cruze shows how his love for the trade conquers all.


Stay Tuned for the release of Part Three on June 24th!

DJ Cruze Kanye West Birthday Mix

Last Updated June 5th, 2013

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Kanye West

With only three days remaining until his 36th Birthday, it’s safe to say that The World’s Most Controversial Artist is most likely counting the blessings of his very existence at this moment… Happy Birthday Yeezy!
Who would ever have known that on June 8, 1977 one of the Greatest Musical Artists of all time would be born in the Chi. As we wait on the edge of our seats for the Yeezus Album to debut this July, today we celebrate the lyrical genius that is Kanye West.

DJ Cruze says, “This mix includes the beginning works of Kanye West to the very most recent of his songs. Note that I’ve included past production for several artists such as Cam’ron Giles, The Game, and many more.


Listen to DJ Cruze’s Kanye Birthday Mix and tell us what you think!


Kanye West

Fun in the Sun Mix by Dj Cruze

Last Updated May 29th, 2013

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Fresh off a three-day vacation and dreading the return to work? As the warm weather rests upon us, stay in the zone with “Fun in the Sun Mix” By Dj Cruze.

Available to stream and download for free on the DJ Cruze Podcast, this mix includes artists Jay Sean, ft Justin Bieber, Cassie and even a touch of classic rock by Linkin Park!

Enjoy & Don’t forget to comment below!

DJ Cruze Diary: The Come UP Prince (Part One)

Last Updated May 27th, 2013

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The first behind-the-scenes look into the Life of a DJ is here!

Self-Proclaimed “The Come UP Prince,” DJ Cruze aims to convey a general awareness for his rising brand, not only amongst the heavily-saturated music industry, but most specifically as a luxury brand, catering directly to celebrities and the private events sector.

Part Two to air on June 10th!

“Excuse My French”
DJ Cruze reviews
French Montana’s Debut Album

Last Updated May 22nd, 2013

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Excuse my French Coverart

French Montana’s highly anticipated debut album released May 21st after being rescheduled several times.

Considering DJ Cruze is a fan of the artist, he tried his best to provide an unbiased critique of the album Excuse my French. You’ll be very surprised at his comments, which are provided in detail below.

French Montana

DJ Cruze doesn’t hesitate, “Every song on this project is a feature…that’s my first impression! It gives me the impression that he cannot sell records on his own.”

Although DJ Cruze presented few reasons on why he in actuality “liked” the CD, the bad aspects seemed to outweigh the good. He says, “I like that French Montana failed to take this project to an artistic level as it shows that he is simply making music and sticking to what he knows; the music is synonymous with both the radio and the club atmospheres. Generally speaking, with the release of his previous projects referring to the “Coke Boys,” it’s pretty evident that his general audience is primarily that of a”thuggish/street” crowd; his music simply appeals to those who have struggled or being raised in tough environments, neighborhoods and situations. A good example in this current project is ‘F*ck What Happens Tonight’ featuring DJ Khaled, Mavado, Ace Hood, Snoop Dogg & Scarface. In addition, his collaborations with artists such as Ne-Yo and Raekwon brings a classic, Hip-Hop feel.”

He Continues, “Adversely, every song is about the same.” Although that may be his flow, DJ Cruze notes, “after a while,it gets very tedious. It’s like 50 Cent rapping to the same beat, but with different instruments… it gets very cliche.”

In terms of management, DJ Cruze is “disappointed that being associated with Diddy, he expected the album to show diversity.” Even worse, Cruze left us with this lasting statement,

The song he has with Rico Love is boring, and I wouldn’t play it even if my girlfriend wanted to hear it!

Overall, this CD is “average;” according to DJ Cruze, “there’s no motive for me to spend a couple dollars to have this in my CD changer. Please take into account that I am also taking iTunes overall ratings into consideration when rating this project, and most of his songs are rated below average by consumers!”

Album Coverart Excuse MY French

Excuse MY French Promo

Happy 41st Birthday Biggie Smalls! A Big Poppa Birthday Mix by DJ Cruze

Last Updated May 20th, 2013

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Biggie Pic courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan


May 21, 2013 or to many, what would have been New York Rapper Christopher Wallace, a.k.a. Biggie Smalls, a.k.a. The Nortorious B.I.G.’s 41st Birthday will be a sad day for many as they reminisce on the late, great’s legacy.

In celebration of the effect he has made on Rap and Music Culture to date, DJ Cruze has composed an exclusive mix in his honor. Listen & Download DJ Cruze’s Big Poppa Birthday Mix below or at!


Biggie Pic courtesy of

DJ Cruze Diary
“The Come UP Prince”

Last Updated May 15th, 2013

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DJ Cruze to release a three-part series on his transition from a breakout DJ and progression to claiming the name, “The Come Up Prince.”

Set to air on May 27, June 10 and June 27, the three-part viral video will hit the virtual universe through internet sharing, social media and subscribed e-blasts and highlight the ins-and-outs of paving a way to the top of the leader board.

Delve into DJ life, with this intimate, documentary-style film, DJ Cruze opens up about “The Life of a DJ,” what it takes to become a notorious mix master, secure bookings and residencies and also build an empire.

Follow DJ Cruze as he transitions from becoming a breakout deejay to crossing industry lines to commercial and film work, acquiring advertising endorsements, in addition to daily business deals and collaborations.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What’s to Come:

DJ Cruze dropped his Weekly Wednesday Mix over on his podcast at and It’s All About The Dominicans!

He says, “This mix is more to showcase to my audience that there’s more music than just hip hop, house etc.” He continues, “I wanted to break away from the norm and bring something fresh. Even though many cities across the USA don’t play this kind of music due to explicit lyrics, I’ve created a Fresh, Radio-Ready Mix. Enjoy.”

This week’s mix is a Dembow Mix Click here to listen:



DJ Cruze EXCLUSIVE – Trina – Round of Applause – Official Music Video & ‘Back 2 Business’ Mixtape Release!

Last Updated May 10th, 2013

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The “Baddest Bitch” is Back with a New, Exclusive Release; Miami Dade’s finest and most notorious Female Rapper Trina debuts her latest music video, “Round of Applause.” DJ Cruze offers his critique.

“Being brought up in the 2000s, I always enjoyed Trina in cameos; for example, Silk the Shocker, Trick Daddy, and many more!! This industry is hard to get accustomed for the scene is always changing, and never being consistent.

Her single Round of Applause; is an ‘ok’ record; I personally didn’t like it.  I see this song more as a prelude of what’s to come.  Yes, it is a good record, but it’s too slow and there’s no relevancy to the hook.  Forgive me for what I’m about to lay down, but, I almost believe that Trina released this mixtape in order to generate buzz and have everyone talking about it.”




“Round Of Applause” is featured on Trina’s “Back 2 Business” Mixtape, which is executive produced by French Montana and directed by Montoya.



Want to listen to the entire “Back 2 Business” Mixtape? You know we’ve got you covered!



DJ Cruze continues…

“The entire mixtape, as a whole, is better than what i expected.  Compared to her older music, Trina did a good job of repositioning herself.   Considering she’s from Miami, the beats are definitely from the ‘305’ area.  Overall, the music is pretty good on this project, using “Bitch Bad,” and “Hell Yeah” as examples.
What I liked about this mixtape, compared to others, is the dimension.
I like the fact she’s using a lot of effects and projecting her voice depending on the beats, unlike other “female” rappers that have a very monotone voice.  The mixtape has a lot of jumpy beats, so I’m sure ladies and fellas will both enjoy this mixtape.   Even though she raps about cliché and materialistic things, as many other female rappers do, it actually sounds good enough where it doesn’t sound very boring and overbearing. Even though she is a rendition of Li’l Kim, but from Miami, Trina has a few records for the ladies to relate to, such as the song, “I fucks with You.”  To me, relatability is key; it’s what rap music is all about.
In this mixtape, Trina features a few notable rappers; French Montana, Dj Khaled, Slim Thug, and also a few upcoming rappers as well. It comes to show that she never lost her diva image, and many people, especially new, breakout artists are still willing to collaborate with her.



My favorite songs from the mixtape are “I want” and “Show out.”  This cd is definitely a keeper!



What I didn’t like was that Trina didn’t have many collaborations and the mixtape cover looks real cheesy! I also don’t like the fact she keeps saying she’s a “Bad Bitch,” considering we all know who she is and what’s she about.  When you’ve got it, there’s no need to flaunt it.  One thing that stood out was that her flow still the same; even though she knows how to use her voice, the rhythm has already been heard in the industry. There are a couple songs where she sounds similar to Chicago rapstress Shawnna, a member from DTP.



Again, overall, the mixtape is a good composition; although it has a few cliché sounds, but that’s her demeanor.  The songs are short enough where you want to play them over and over again.  The best thing about this mixtape is that it’s not just another therapy session, instead, she talks to all kinds of crowds and types of people.  The mixtape title is definitely well put and demonstrated throughout the mixtape; Trina means business!  I rate ‘Back 2 Business’ a 7.5, only because there are a few songs that I would skip, they just don’t sound right to in my musicla opinion.  The mixtape is good enough for new listeners to check it out.”

Trina, Back 2 Business

We’d say this mixtape release was highly anticipated… what did you think of it; leave it in our comment section below!

Special Thanks to Trina’s Management for the Exclusive and also for the Free Download and Stream.

DJ Cruze 90’s Dance Mix

Last Updated May 8th, 2013

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It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means… A new, live mix from DJ Cruze for your listening and download pleasure.


Before David Guetta, Afrojack, Skrillex and the many other producers/DJs came into play, there was old-school dance music from artists such as Cece Peniston, Robin S., Night Crawlers and many more!! In this mix, I wanted to mainly showcase my turntablism and give that old-school feel many people missed.  Most of the songs included within this mix are sampled in new-age music today, such as Nightcrawlers “Push the Feeling,” which you’ll find sampled in the “Hotel” single by Pitbull. I enjoyed this mix so much that you can expect a Part Two to follow very soon!

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