DJ Cruze Mix: Breaking Old Records, Sampling

Last Updated August 7th, 2013

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For this week’s mix, DJ Cruze expanded on last night’s post Analyzing Drake to show examples of other songs that have been sampled and placed to a new, fresh beat or version; for example, B.I.G.’s Juicy, sampled from Mtume’s Juicy Fruit.

Do the new artist’s renditions pay homage to the past or had you no idea that these were remakes?

We’d love to hear your thoughts; comment below!

DJ Cruze Analyzes: Drake

Last Updated August 7th, 2013

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It’s safe to say that Drake is pretty much well-known across the music industry; this Canadian Rapper, Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist and Actor has crossed genres and seen pretty much collaborating with all of the latest and greatest artists as of late; first making headway with his association with Lil’ Wayne and YMCMB.  DJ Cruze lends an overall critique of this artist, saying that “although he is a talented artist, he lacks creativity.”



Let’s analyze this statement…



Drake’s newest release is “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” which was just released this week.  In this song, Drake introduces us to a “good girl” that he’d love to take home with him, and as Billboard quoted, “For All the Right Reasons.”  We see straight R&B from the recording artist, and also feel him channeling the late great Marvin Gaye.



Based on the instruments and rhythm, most listeners can tell a Drake song when they hear one.  In this release, DJ Cruze knew way before the vocals chimed in, better yet, as soon as the beat dropped.  His first thought that came to mind, he says, was “this is a replica of Take Care” featuring him and Rihanna.
Upon further research, DJ Cruze heard samples with beats identical to those used in Take Care.  Overall, he says, “The Song is Good, but there’s no ‘wow’ factor.”



DJ Cruze simply wasn’t impressed, for three reasons:


  1. His voice is very monotone

  2. With all of Drake’s fame and money, he is able to hire a coach to help him sound much better than he’s coming across in this single

  3. This new release sounds identical to Find Your Love, a previous record released by Drake

If you know anything about DJ Cruze, you know he isn’t going to sleep until he comes to his final conclusion. With that being said, DJ Cruze dissected all three songs: Find Your Love, Take Care and Hold On, We’re Going Home.



Overall, DJ Cruze says, “Even though Hip Hop and R&B intertwine very loosely, I think drake should take a couple steps back and go back to the drawing board. Instead of putting out recycled stuff like 50 cent was doing.”


DJ Cruze 101, Part One: Getting Started

Last Updated July 31st, 2013

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In Case You Missed It, DJ Cruze’s first 101 aired live on Disc Jockey News this past Friday and we have it in its entirety for all of you aspiring DJ’s.


This is the first of three episode to be released on Disc Jockey News, where DJ Cruze will give the up-and-coming mix masters a look into how to make it in the DJ realm; he’ll discuss tips from equipment selection to marketing your self and building your brand.
Check out the first episode here:



We encourage any aspiring DJ’s to subscribe to Disc Jockey News and stay up-to-date with the appropriate lessons to better your craft and bring notoriety to your brand.

Sign up for your free issues here.


DJ Cruze Weekly Wednesday Mix: I’m So Jersey

Last Updated July 31st, 2013

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As usual, this week’s free stream and download can be found on DJ Cruze’s podcast. He’s compiled an Urban, House, “Jersey” Mix to expose what Jersey’s (his home state) is all about. Symbolizing the music culture of New Jersey, DJ Cruze mixes up a few classics with some of the hottest club songs out right now; he says, “New Jersey is nothing but having fun and enjoying the beats!”



DJ Cruze Reggaeton Mix

Last Updated July 17th, 2013

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Taking a break from Hip Hop, Top 40 and EDM, DJ Cruze drops this week’s Reggaeton Mix full of Reggaeton old school, throwback, classics into a fresh new rhythm.


As you know, DJ Cruze is a multi-faceted disk jockey; his extensive archive and library of music touches along every genre.


See if this mix has you winding your hips and taking it low in this massive heat we’re having this summer.


We welcome your feedback!

To book DJ Cruze for your next event or club night, email!

DJ Cruze Hip Hop Mix

Last Updated July 10th, 2013

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You requested and it’s our job to deliver, so here you go – a Hip Hop Mix to enjoy and play wherever you go!





DJ Cruze provides a weekly mix of the Top 40 Hits in Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Dance, EDM and more.  Join us each and every week on our Podcast at, Mixcrate or a recap on the DJ Cruze Blog for your free streaming mix and download.

Now Introducing Queens’ Breakthrough Artist:
Action Bronson

Last Updated July 6th, 2013

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It’s the job of a DJ to study music, from the composition to the artist background.  We have to be on top of what’s new, what’s fresh, what’s breaking…if a new hit or single is released, it’sour job to debut it to the masses.  If Magna Carta is released at midnight, you can believe it’s being requested that night in the club.  With my ears to the streets, I deliver the message on what artist is on the rise and ready to make a name for themselves.  This week, it seems that the latest break through artists goes by the name of Mr. Action Bronson.

Action Bronson

Also known as Ariyan Arslani, Action Bronson was born of Albanian Heritage in Queens, New York.  Thus far, he’s made quite a name for himself since he began rapping in 2008 and now signed to Fool’s Gold Records, Warner Brothers Records and Atlantic Records with “Stricktly 4 my Jeeps,” as one of the hottest records on Hot97 currently.

His name is one to be remembered; mark my words, “Action Bronson is a threat; he’s just as distinguishable for his sound as he is his beard.”

Action Bronson

Although the music industry does not take kindly to replicas or “wannabes,” Bronson’s character, is unique in its own way.  I relate his sounds as being identical to Ghostface Killah from Wu Tang Clan; however, I hear the “Queens Flow” in his style.  (We’ll revisit the sense of style and flow from each of the NYC Burroughs in an upcoming post)

This artist caught my eye due to his exposure in the industry of of late.  Although he is a fairly “new” rapper, as he has yet to hit the mainstream, this artist has already performed at Hot97’s annual concert at MetLife Stadium with seasoned entertainers.  On top of that, “Strictly 4 my Jeeps” is receiving a ton of radio plays in addition to his “Queens Version” featuring two of the most known Queens Natives in the Industry: Lloyd Banks and LL Cool J.

Again, not only does he remind me of Ghostface Killah, but his sound, I would say, has a touch a Fat Joe to it.

Bronson works with mainly industry producers such as Harry Fraud (French Montana’s producer) and although he may deliver lyrics that we’re primarily use to, he does seem to add a special approach. He seems to be outspoken with a rich knowledge of 90s Hip Hop although he diverts from the metaphoric content in his own project.

Now, considering Hip Hop is always evolving, will this guy make a change? That, I’m not sure. The sounds we hear now are very southern influenced; and with Lil Wayne destroying the Hip Hop Culture, I don’t think Bronson will ever get to “Nas status” based on what he has out now.

He’s new and has a great deal of success to come his way in addition to the work he has to put into it; it’s simply going to take some time for us to see what is in store for this artist.
Check out the release that has the radio waves buzzing, and tell me what you think. Do you think Bronson can be a BIG influence in the Hip-Hop Community?

DJ Cruze 4th of July Mix

Last Updated July 3rd, 2013

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Happy Fourth of July

We’ve got something special for all of our listeners this week!

Load up your cookout playlist with DJ Cruze mixes. Enjoy this week’s Fourth of July mix from DJ Cruze; it’s perfect for your road trip to the beach or your family cookout in the park.

With throwbacks from Tupac to Q-Tip, you’re guaranteed to wow the crowd with these top classic hip-hop and pop hits!

DJ Cruze salute

DJ Cruze Workout Mix

Last Updated June 26th, 2013

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Maybe you’re going deaf if you this DJ Cruze Workout Mix doesn’t pump you up. Turn DJ Cruze up in your headphones and get moving with this Weekly Wednesday Mix from the Mix Master… The Come UP Prince.

DJ Cruze followers requested another workout mix, so here it is.  Something fresh to make you get on your feet!

All we know how to do is work hard, play hard…after all, it’s our job!

Tell Us What You Think!

DJ Cruze Diary: The Come UP Prince, Part Three

Last Updated June 24th, 2013

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The last and final behind-the-scenes video rendition of DJ Cruze’s Diary is below; it highlights the Life of a DJ, DJ Cruze in particular, who’s recently been dubbed “The Come UP Prince.”

In this episode, DJ Cruze gets personal; saying, “This may be my favorite webisode to date.”