SAVE THE DATE – Fashion Week Brooklyn

Last Updated March 3rd, 2014

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FW 2014 save-the-date_web_version

DJ Cruze invades Brooklyn to host four days of designer networking, charitable soirees and runway fashion presentations this March 13 through 16.

Fashion Week Brooklyn, most known as a bi-annual event, will showcase emerging and established fashion collections for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 season under the theme “BE BOLD, BE STRONG.”

Join DJ Cruze as he spins live at the following events:

Thursday March 13, 2014:  Opening Evening

Collections of Eco-Friendly/Innovative Designers/Ready to Wear

6:30PM – Red Carpet & Opening Night Cocktails
730PM – 9PM – Runway shows

Opening Night Cocktail reception till 11:30PM

Friday March 14, 2014:  Second Evening

Collections of Mens/Womens Wear Designers

7PM Red Carpet
7:30PM – Runway shows

Fundraiser Reception till 11:30PM

Saturday March 15, 2014:  Third Evening

Collections of Mens/Womens Wear Designers

6:30PM Red Carpet & VIP seating
7:00PM – Runway shows

Fundraiser Reception 9PM

Sunday March 16, 2014:  Closing Evening

Collections of Mens/Womens Wear Designers

3:00PM – Red Carpet & VIP seating
4:00PM – Runway shows

Fundraiser Party 8PM till 2AM


For more information on FWB and the Brooklyn Style Foundation (BSF), visit Online, Twitter or Facebook!

Mz. Sasha, Up-and-Coming Female Rapstress releases debut mixtape “Mz. Sasha and the City”

Last Updated February 26th, 2014

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Mz. Sasha can go toe-to-toe ith the best of the boys club, and after hearing her latest single “No Chase,” featuring Black Cobain, the first lady of the Board of Administration (BOA) is almost comparable to the likes of one of Rap’s greatest female lyricists – Foxy Brown.

Hailing from the DMV (D.C. – Maryland – Virgina Metropolitan Area), Mz. Sasha’s teamed up with and learn a great deal from predessessors on BOA such as Wale, Fat Trel and Black Cobain.  Released a little over a week ago, Mz. Sasha’s debut mixtape “Mz. Sasha and the City,” has been long awaited and from listening to the composition, we see that her time was well spent.

Although Black Cobain is the only other rapper outside of Sasha to appear on the mixtape, fret none, Mz. Sasha has held her own.

Here’s what DJ Cruze had to say about her single:

Her flow is Foxy Brown, but her sound is Nicki Minaj.  If I didn’t know this was Mz. Sasha, just listening organically, I would have easily mistaken her mixtape for unreleased Nicki Minaj material or even Shawnna in a few instances.  She gets much props for her sampling and replicas.  I enjoy listening to her rap; her words are meaningful and catchy, this chick has something to say!

Cruze adds, “Every story is similar, but how it is portrayed is what I look for. I enjoyed her swag on the records; I can feel her persona in the songs and get a complete glimpse of her as the artist.”

On the flip side, he continues, “it’s a little inconsistent.  Taking the beat selection; for example, some just simply weren’t for her.  ‘No Chase’ is the best song on the mixtape, hands down.  But, in order to survive in a male-dominated market and to compete with artists such as Nicki Minaj, she can’t stop short…or better yet, her producers can’t.”

Rather than just working with artists in her camp, DJ Cruze recommends Mz. Sasha team up with artists such as Wale or Rick Ross…featuring a few more well-known artists and producers will allow her to compete for an Atlantic, Def Jam or MMG accrual.

Follow Mz. Sasha and BOA on Twitter:  @ItsMzSasha @ThaBoard

New In Review: DJ Cruze’s First Impression & Critique on New Artist TEFF DEEZY

Last Updated February 26th, 2014

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teff deezy routine banner

Black Flag La Familia presents Teff Deezy’s latest single and release “Routine,” produced by iamDutchKane Production

First Impressions
Teff Deezy reminds me of a combination of two rap artists:  Wale & Lil’ Wayne.  In terms of his sound, I can guarantee that many of you may mistake him or think that his flow is similar to that of Lil’ Wayne.  Lyrically, he does sound like he is new to the rap game; his flow and sounds drift off beat until he quicly finds his way back…but maybe, this is his style?
Music Composition
Teff Deezy’s beat production sounds very similar to that of current rap artists such as Future and Rick Ross from their previous works.  It is evident that Teff Deezy listens to a great deal of southern music. Personally speaking, his music has no “wow” factor. He doesn’t have that sound that people are listening to now. In my opinion, listeners that aren’t from where he resides will not be able to relate to him.  He only talks about himself.  Is that “routine?”  In my opinion, “Routine” and “Luv/Hate” aren’t close to radio play.
Teff Deezy is a talented artist and has a lot of potential to grow in this business; but coming from a consumer’s perspective and a person that plays records for a living, he needs a little more sharpening.

routine album cover



Teedra Moses is Back!

Last Updated February 25th, 2014

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New Orleans R&B/Soul Singer and Songwriter Teedra Moses is back with an upcoming album, since her debut album “Complex Simplicity” in 2004.  Although just releasing her second full body of work, Teedra has been seen on some of the industry’s hottest artists albums such as Trina, Macy Gray, Raphael Saddiq and Mary J. Blige.

“All I Ever Wanted” is the first single released from Moses’ upcoming EP featuring NEYO and Rick Ross, titled “Cognac & Conversation,” and DJ Cruze says “overall, it’s a good song.”



This release took DJ Cruze back, he said, “It almost reminded me of older R&B Music.”  He added, “her voice was perfect for the song.”

Although this isn’t a club banger, DJ Cruze says it’s definitely fit for radio.  “I enjoyed the jazzy feel, with a twist of modern pop; however, I would have liked to hear a little more depth in the beat,” says Cruze.  Regarding the hook, Cruze adds, “she nailed it.  She’s repetitive, but in a good way and it sounds good to the ear.”

It seems that Moses is working closely with Rick Ross and the MMG music label; this is a great move for her comeback and has us anticipating what’s to come.



DJ Cruze Reviews Rick Ross’ “Nobody”

Last Updated February 20th, 2014

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Special release from Interscope Records A&R, DJ Cruze received the first peek at the remake from Rozay, featuring Diddy and French Montana.  Featured on Ross’ upcoming album “Mastermind,” “Nobody” is said to be a remake of the late Notorious B.I.G.’s “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You).”

If you thought “No Game,” featuring Future was a beast track, you’ll think it as just “okay” after hearing Ross’ latest.

As a genuine hip-hop enthusiast, DJ Cruze noticed the New York flavor with the beat selection.  Diddy is pretty much known for remaking beats from other artists and rapping over them; however, DJ Cruze was surprised how Ross took Biggie’s concept (one conceived nearly 15 years ago) and made it his own.

Cruze comments, “Not only does Ross use the same instruments and chorus from the classic, you also hear the same rhythm, but with a modern twist. I got a feel like Biggie was rapping.”   DJ Cruze suggests it may have been Diddy or Rick Ross’ intention, but none-the-less, listeners are going to be wowed.  He continues, “His flow pattern…his story telling was almost similar to Biggie.”

DJ Cruze says he’s “definitely interested in ‘Mastermind’ coming out this March.”  Cop that!

DJ Cruze Reviews Cassidy’s ‘Surfboard’

Last Updated February 19th, 2014

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Guess Who’s Back?

Since our last posts, “So, Everybody’s Drunk In Love Now,” and “DJ Cruze Reviews ‘Drunk In Love,’ Remix” it seems that literally, everyone is Drunk in Love.  When was the last time a song was remixed so much?  We knew Drunk in Love was going to be a radio banger ever since it’s release in December, but who knew it would inspire the entire Rap Music Community?  Not only has Rapper T.I. made his version, but Philly Rapper Cassidy is back with a legitimate track  – not just another Meek Mill dis – titled “Surfboard.”

Cassidy Surboard, Image courtesy of

DJ Cruze says, “He completely remade the beat to fit his style. The running snares…simple kick with minimal bass. The producer still used the same vocals with additional vocals from im guessing an upcoming singer.”

DJ Cruze admires Cassidy for this remix attempt, he’s followed his music for some time now and can truly say one good thing about Cassidy and it’s that he remains consistent.  He continues, “I like how this rapper doesn’t change his swag on rapping; however, his flow still the same.”  DJ Cruze feels that Cassidy’s metaphors and rapping style is redundant and this isn’t enough to make it on the current music scene, “I think that’s why this guy hasn’t had much success in the recent years… he hasn’t recreated himself.”

This track will; however, get him some positive attention in an attempt to rebuild his image.  Compared to the other remixes, the track had a fresh beat, at least.  It is something new compared to what was released this weekend, although still using the “flashing lights,” “watermelon” and “surfboard” lines as the chorus; each artist kept with the theme of the song and it’s raunchy undertone…some more obvious than others.  Beyonce’s message was subliminal; however, the artists have used this as their chance to express their sexual freedom.

Overall, DJ Cruze rates the song as a three-out-of-five.  DJ Cruze says, “Cassidy is just short of a four rating due to his style.  If he was to be a little more descriptive and less lyrical, perhaps it would of gotten more of my attention.”

With Love, Mya

Last Updated February 16th, 2014

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Did you keep it “sexy and simple” this Valentine’s Day?  R&B Superstar Mya’s mantra is just that and this Valentine’s day, the Washington, D.C. Native released what she calls a “laid back collection of four grown and sexy, R&B/Soul cuts that set the mood.”

The singer released the gift just in tie for the holiday weekend as she says, “a simple Valentine’s Day gift to her fans.”

1. Space
2. Like A Woman
3. House Party
4. Do It

Check out the personal messages for her fans and snippets of each song via Souncloud below.

Listen and purchase Mya’s “With Love,” via iTunes or Amazon.

Check out Mya on social media:


So, Everybody’s Drunk In Love now?

Last Updated February 16th, 2014

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Follow up to Beyonce & Kanye West’s “Drunk In Love” Remix released for Valentine’s Day, 24-year-old artist The Weeknd has his R&B rendition hitting social media aggressively.

Check it out below and let us know what you think!

DJ Cruze Reviews: Drunk in Love, Remix

Last Updated February 15th, 2014

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…The first thing I heard was an “Arab” intro; it kinda gave me the feel of Jesus Walks by Kanye West.  Not too long after, did I realize this was a rendition of “Drunk in Love;” it had the same beat, but with a few more synths.  This new version of “Drunk in Love” is like the “Ish I Don’t Like” by Chief Keef.

Ahhh…here’s the key difference, Yeezy’s on the track!

Continuing with his love manifestation with Kim Kardashian, Kanye delves back into his happy place…talking about himself along with his “perfect” relationship.  This time, ‘Ye gets very explicit.  We were so shocked when Beyonce spoke on “Surboard” and “Watermelon,” but wow, music symbolism is seen yet again.  In his verse, Kanye gives us a window into their life “messing up sofa’s” and even discloses a few personal secrets of his lover, such as “impregnating Kim Kardashian’s mouth” and the idea that Kim always wanted her own reality show, separate of that of her and her family seen in “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”  Kanye made it very clear that he didn’t want to live his life, nor did he wants his daughter paraded in front of the reality show cameras, but could this be any hint at a change of heart on Kanye’s part?  I guess we’ll have to keep watching and listening to find out.

Finally, we get a more human side of Kanye, or has he been completely transparent with us this whole time?  [sidenote] Makes me wonder if his speaking on the drug Molly can be taken literally as well.

The composition of the beat is pretty much the same, nothing really special.  Listen closely, a few more instruments are added to the simplistic beat, like a clap here and there in addition to a deeper key kick to the rhythm.  You’ll notice a few differences in B & Jay’s lyrics, a drop from Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” B’s a little chopping and a “church echo” on Beyonce towards the end of the song.

To be honest, I’m not really shocked of this remix. I pretty much expected this from Kanye; however, rather than add to the track, I believe he ruins the overall feel of the record.

DJ Cruze Workout Mix

Last Updated February 14th, 2014

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20 Minutes of all of your high-energy, Top40 hits… Can you handle it?