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Last Updated March 14th, 2014

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Shuffler FM

Each week, #TeamCruze dives in to the ‘appverse’ to look for any applications that may increase productivity and keep DJ Cruze abreast of what’s new and what’s hot.  This week, we found

DJ Cruze’s initial impression of the internet radio app was that it was user friendly and simple to navigate. Essentially, an online music and video “shuffler,” this app based on web music trends and “powered” by music industry tastemakers and bloggers to not only provide music talked about across the ‘blogisphere’ and the content to match.  Listeners can learn about artists from all over the world by streaming their music and reading blogs related to those musicians.

For a DJ, there are a few features on this app in which you can benefit.  Although this app wasn’t specifically designed for DJs (the music is for purchase and can get pricey), it is a useful tool to keep up on music history and browse songs for leisure.  The industry news and various radio genres is a plus in terms of the functionality.

It seems as though the app is most compatible with the iPhone device, as it isn’t available on Google Play and lagged on the android browser; thank goodness it is also accessible via desktop!

Overall, the desktop version is a good site.  Some songs are explicit and parental advisory is suggested, so we do recommend this for anyone over the age of 13 years.  We like an app that is multi-functional; since this app not only streams music and videos, but also provides top news stories in addition to radio, it makes our job easier.

Since the site is updated daily, viewers won’t get outdated with music.

DJ Cruze suggests, “Take a look for yourself.”  He concludes, “I  hope they make an app for it on the android market.”

Lil’ Wayne: Tha Carter V

Last Updated March 13th, 2014

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Lil Wayne has been in the rap game for over 15 years.   He’s the originator of the terms “Bling, Bling,” “The block is hot,” and many other “hip-hop” terms that resonate in popular culture and every day life.  He’s a trendsetter, entertainer and a true thinker.

Essentially, we’ve watched Lil’ Wayne grow up; and just like Jay-Z and other various rap giants, there have been whispers of a retirement from the artist.  That’s news we never would have even fathomed.

In a recent interview with, Lil’ Wayne stated that Tha Carter V will be his last, solo album.  Wayne stamps his mark on this project being on of the best he’s ever put out, in terms of the amount of work he’s putting into it.  A follow-up or comeback would be near “impossible,” he says.
DJ Cruze wonders what exactly does this mean?  Rather than walking in the booth and laying the tracks down off-the-cuff or is he writing his material personally?

Regardless, we’ll have to wait until the “surprise release” to form our opinions on whether we think his statement was made in haste.  Until then, enjoy the clip below where Lil’ Wayne states the only way he’ll make another solo album following Tha Carter V is if his record label pays him 25 to 35 million dollars.


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What do you think of his comments?
Is 25 to 35 million dollars an exorbitant amount of money to request from a label?  Even from an artist of his caliber?
DJ Cruze says, “since most artist under major labels get paid off of commission; a portion off of each unit sold), I’m sure the label is laughing at him right about now.”  But, Lil’ Wayne says, he’s not joking!

Maybe we missed something.  Perhaps Lil’ Wayne’s one million units sold during his first week of Tha Carter IV release is nothing compared the the residual he saw from his previous releases?  Or do we dare question, “Is Lil’ Wayne washed up?”  Yes, hip-hop has changed quickly in the past year or two alone.  With the introduction of new artists such as French Montana and YG or new forms of rap sound and lyricizing, an artist who’s been in the game since the 90s may be loosing his creative range.  Is that why it would be “impossible” to come back from his upcoming EP release?

Nevertheless, don’t get your panties in a bunch… this isn’t the last we’ll hear from the rapper.  Lil’ Wayne stated he’s still willing to collaborate and lend his talent to other artists’ projects.

Tweet @DJ_Cruze and let us know:

Do you think Lil’ Wayne “retiring” his solo career will make him irrelevant on future releases in which he’s featured?

Do you think Lil’ Wayne’s record label is holding him to creating Tha Carter V because of poor album sales from Tha Carter IV?

Young Money ‘Rise Of An Empire’ Album (Spotify)

Last Updated March 12th, 2014

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rise of an empire, ymcmb


“Rise Of An Empire” now streaming on Spotify or e-version via iTunes.

Trinidad James’ #BGA Rap Game Just Too Funny

Last Updated March 12th, 2014

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Trinidad James’ latest release to hit the streets is “Rap Game Just Too Funny” and in DJ Cruze’s opinion “it pretty much explains how rap changed his life.” You know the story…back then they ain’t want me, now I’m hot they all on me… yep, same saying goes for Trinidad James; however, his story has a slightly different tune. James talks about the then haters are now his fans. With pretty much the same composition as “All Gold,” to our surprise, James raps alongside a mystery featured artist. Does anyone else find it ironic that James is commenting on whethers other rappers can actually “rap” when he himself has not fully mastered the craft?

Tweet @DJ_Cruze your thoughts!

DJ Cruze Dembow Mix 2

Last Updated March 12th, 2014

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Check out DJ Cruze’s latest Dembow Mix below.  For more streaming music and free downloads from DJ Cruze visit Podbean or Soundcloud.

Chief Keef says “F*ck Rehab”

Last Updated March 11th, 2014

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We learned several days ago, from TMZ, that Rapper Chief Keef was released from his stint in rehab for narcotics use while on probation.

Instead of humbly changing his life, Chief Keef retaliated by posting weed-smoking selfies on Instagram and releasing his latest collaboration with Blood Money: F*CK REHAB.

What do you think?

Tweet us your thoughts on Chief Keef’s F*UCK REHAB @DJ_Cruze!

Gucci Mane, Back on His Grind

Last Updated March 10th, 2014

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Even though Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane had a rough time last year, he’s focused on making more  music and a substantial industry comeback.  Reports say, Gucci’s releasing new work coming this April 1st; and most recently, the rapper took to Twitter announce Singles from Young Thugga Mane LaFlare and The Brick Factory Vol 1.

Check out the tweet below:

New (R&B) Artist Alert: Eric Bellinger

Last Updated March 7th, 2014

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New Artist Eric Bellinger has potential to become a big-time R&B artist, according to DJ Cruze.  He says, “Bellinger’s been in the scene for quite sometime, but doesn’t have enough shine yet.”  All that is about to change.  We got hold of his latest record, “I Don’t Want Her” which seems to be blasting on the west coast and quickly taking over the mainstream.

DJ Cruze says, “what makes like this record so much is he samples groups such as The Jackson 5, Kriss Kross.”  Reminding him of Marques Houston, but with a “pop feel,” DJ Cruze says this record will be huge for the spring season!

Video Courtesy of VIBE Magazine via YouTube.

Check out New Artist Eric Bellinger in DJ Cruze’s Radio Mix below (15:55):

Tweet Us @DJ_Cruze and let DJ Cruze know what you think.  Will Eric Bellinger be the Top, Breakout R&B Artist for Spring 2014?

Lil Boosie is FREE from Prison; his daughter says she “Told Ya’ll”

Last Updated March 6th, 2014

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Last night around 7pm, the internet went crazy with the news that Rapper Lil’ Boosie was released from his stint in Angola penitentiary.  Since, responses have been rampant as the hip-hop community learned of this feat; after all, we’ve been asking to “Free Boosie” for a while now.

Here’s a message from his daughter that’s going to make you chuckle!

Welcome home Boosie; we’re getting goosebumps for what’s to come from his camp.  Every rapper is about to hold Boosie down; just watch!

Update: 50 Cent has finally found his match – Snoop Dogg (Lion)

Last Updated March 6th, 2014

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Just yesterday, we reported on 50 Cent’s internet bullying, most particularly towards his music industry peers who happen to be performing at their best and at the height of their careers.  Well, it looks like 50 Cent messed with the wrong one yesterday, as Snoop Dogg (Lion), unlike Diddy and Rick Ross, had a mouth full to kindly remind 50 Cent that he isn’t the one to play with.


You’ll see here, unfiltered 50 Cent cowardly makes his statements via social media again, but this time aimed at Snoop Dogg (Lion).


 50 Cent is referring to the recent headlines that Snoop Dogg received a french-tip manicure.  Of course, this was the talk of the headlines, but no one would dare question Snoop’s sexuality, we ALL know better than that.  But 50 Cent, being the indestructible madman that he wants to portray himself as, apparently felt comfortable to approach Snoop with 140 characters or less of bullshit.

Now, you see, Diddy and Ross never responded to 50 Cent’s homosexuality allegations; however, Snoop kindly “liked” the photo and a discrete-but-condescending way, put 50 Cent in his place (laid into his ass).  Read his response below:


We’re shaking in our boats; C’s up!  Fidday better take heed.