Young Money ‘Rise Of An Empire’ Album (Spotify)

Last Updated March 12th, 2014

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“Rise Of An Empire” now streaming on Spotify or e-version via iTunes.

Trinidad James’ #BGA Rap Game Just Too Funny

Last Updated March 12th, 2014

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Trinidad James’ latest release to hit the streets is “Rap Game Just Too Funny” and in DJ Cruze’s opinion “it pretty much explains how rap changed his life.” You know the story…back then they ain’t want me, now I’m hot they all on me… yep, same saying goes for Trinidad James; however, his story has a slightly different tune. James talks about the then haters are now his fans. With pretty much the same composition as “All Gold,” to our surprise, James raps alongside a mystery featured artist. Does anyone else find it ironic that James is commenting on whethers other rappers can actually “rap” when he himself has not fully mastered the craft?

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DJ Cruze Dembow Mix 2

Last Updated March 12th, 2014

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Check out DJ Cruze’s latest Dembow Mix below.  For more streaming music and free downloads from DJ Cruze visit Podbean or Soundcloud.

Chief Keef says “F*ck Rehab”

Last Updated March 11th, 2014

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We learned several days ago, from TMZ, that Rapper Chief Keef was released from his stint in rehab for narcotics use while on probation.

Instead of humbly changing his life, Chief Keef retaliated by posting weed-smoking selfies on Instagram and releasing his latest collaboration with Blood Money: F*CK REHAB.

What do you think?

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Gucci Mane, Back on His Grind

Last Updated March 10th, 2014

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Even though Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane had a rough time last year, he’s focused on making more  music and a substantial industry comeback.  Reports say, Gucci’s releasing new work coming this April 1st; and most recently, the rapper took to Twitter announce Singles from Young Thugga Mane LaFlare and The Brick Factory Vol 1.

Check out the tweet below:

New (R&B) Artist Alert: Eric Bellinger

Last Updated March 7th, 2014

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New Artist Eric Bellinger has potential to become a big-time R&B artist, according to DJ Cruze.  He says, “Bellinger’s been in the scene for quite sometime, but doesn’t have enough shine yet.”  All that is about to change.  We got hold of his latest record, “I Don’t Want Her” which seems to be blasting on the west coast and quickly taking over the mainstream.

DJ Cruze says, “what makes like this record so much is he samples groups such as The Jackson 5, Kriss Kross.”  Reminding him of Marques Houston, but with a “pop feel,” DJ Cruze says this record will be huge for the spring season!

Video Courtesy of VIBE Magazine via YouTube.

Check out New Artist Eric Bellinger in DJ Cruze’s Radio Mix below (15:55):

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Lil Boosie is FREE from Prison; his daughter says she “Told Ya’ll”

Last Updated March 6th, 2014

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Last night around 7pm, the internet went crazy with the news that Rapper Lil’ Boosie was released from his stint in Angola penitentiary.  Since, responses have been rampant as the hip-hop community learned of this feat; after all, we’ve been asking to “Free Boosie” for a while now.

Here’s a message from his daughter that’s going to make you chuckle!

Welcome home Boosie; we’re getting goosebumps for what’s to come from his camp.  Every rapper is about to hold Boosie down; just watch!

Update: 50 Cent has finally found his match – Snoop Dogg (Lion)

Last Updated March 6th, 2014

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Just yesterday, we reported on 50 Cent’s internet bullying, most particularly towards his music industry peers who happen to be performing at their best and at the height of their careers.  Well, it looks like 50 Cent messed with the wrong one yesterday, as Snoop Dogg (Lion), unlike Diddy and Rick Ross, had a mouth full to kindly remind 50 Cent that he isn’t the one to play with.


You’ll see here, unfiltered 50 Cent cowardly makes his statements via social media again, but this time aimed at Snoop Dogg (Lion).


 50 Cent is referring to the recent headlines that Snoop Dogg received a french-tip manicure.  Of course, this was the talk of the headlines, but no one would dare question Snoop’s sexuality, we ALL know better than that.  But 50 Cent, being the indestructible madman that he wants to portray himself as, apparently felt comfortable to approach Snoop with 140 characters or less of bullshit.

Now, you see, Diddy and Ross never responded to 50 Cent’s homosexuality allegations; however, Snoop kindly “liked” the photo and a discrete-but-condescending way, put 50 Cent in his place (laid into his ass).  Read his response below:


We’re shaking in our boats; C’s up!  Fidday better take heed.

Can the West Coast be back?

Last Updated March 5th, 2014

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Shocking discovery this morning as DJ Cruze jumps in the mixing booth:  Lately, most of the top music releases have been from the West Coast; California is coming up!


This week, we’re analyzing the shift in the music leader circle and we’re seeing dominance coming from the West Side.  We’ve seen takeovers from New York and the South, but a new wave of entertainment has hit the streets and the best battle rappers and lyricists out right now seem to hail from the “Dub-C.”


We’ve seen major producers put on for their cities, such as Jermaine Dupri, Just Blaze and Scott Storch; they’ve fulfilled big roles and worked with the top artists in the industry to date.  Now, we’ll examine and as DJ Cruze suggests, “keep on your radar,” DJ Mustard.

DJ Mustard ROC Nation


Los Angeles Native and ROC Nation Artist, DJ Mustard has a handle on the new school of artists; working on club bangers and with rap artists such as 2 Chainz and Tyga, Mustard is changing the current state of hip-hop music composition overnight.
According to DJ Cruze, DJ Mustard has “a very distinct sound from other producers.”  DJ Cruze compares his talents on the level of some of the industry greats such as Timbaland, Pharrell and Mike Will Made It; however, most similar to Dr. Dre’s older productions, in the sense that DJ Mustard uses similar melodies as Dre, but with a modern twist.  The difference is that DJ Mustard has his hand on every artist in the industry, from Jay-Z to Chris Brown and even Kendrick Lamar; he holds no barriers as to who he will work with or what limits he’s going to achieve.


DJ Mustard is the one to watch for in 2014.  Given his collaboration with artists such as K Dot/Kendrick Lamar, this dynamic duo has the great chance to bring the rap game to a completely different level.  In addition, the fact that DJ Mustard is from L.A., but has taken over the New York market (an over saturated one at that) shows that he is a quickly rising threat.  Let’s watch.

50 Cent, desperate for (any) attention?

Last Updated March 5th, 2014

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The biggest Entertainment News Story since the Oscar’s this past weekend is the latest ‘ish’ out of 50 Cent’s mouth.  For quite a while now, 50 Cent has professed his undying beef with Rick Ross and Diddy, they seem to be the biggest thorn in his side among all the other hip-hop beefs he’s current ensued in, such as one with Ja Rule stemming back to the early 2000s.  Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has donned the label “bully;” at least that’s out perspective from social media.  From beef and assault allegations by his baby’s mom to beef with his “best friend” Floyd Mayweather, we’re not sure why 50 Cent is so miserable, or if he’s simply attempting to be relevant and align his name with the most sought after celebrities for gossip news.

Taken from 50 Cent’s instagram page; his insinuation of homosexuality among rappers has been the talk of the blogs all week.

Fiddy, are you dropping an album soon?  DJ Cruze begs to wonder.
It’s safe to say that 50 Cent will never get as much buzz as he did with his “Get Rich or Die Tryin” back in 2003.

Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks are out of the picture and 50 Cent is a one-man army without any support to hold him up, or “down;” however, you want to look at it.  DJ Cruze suggests 50 Cent focus on his career; he was at a high with vitaminwater and various partnership deals at one time and even being considered as a legitimate actor in Hollywood.  Although he got his start by being associated with “beef;” in 2014, “beefing” is played out… no wonder Rick Ross says “he’s irrelevant.”

Rather than feed into the B.S. we see artists such as Ross and Diddy more so feeding their pockets than the rumor mill.