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The Road to Becoming a Top-Notch DJ (Dee Jay/Disk Jockey) includes one specific destination along that journey: Mastering the Mix.

No residency or celebrity event will fulfill DJ Cruze more than the satisfaction of knowing his mixes are unmarred and matchless.

On his quest to the Top, DJ Cruze discusses why he frequently returns to the Mixing Room; for one purpose only… PERFECTION!

Referring to the March Madness 2013 Mix, he states:

“Making this mix was probably one of the hardest mixes I’ve ever done in my entire DJ/Production Career. Composing this piece literally forced me to sit on the other side of the speaker and analyze this weeks Mix Subject, song relevancy to it along with the needs of the listener. The song selection took an hour to set up alone; simply because I aim to tell a story rather than throw a bunch of songs together. I also wanted to show diversity by mixing Old School, New School, Hip-Hop and a bit of Rock-and-Roll.”

“The Catch?” He continues, “With this project, in particular, my vantage point was that of a college basketball player; mentally preparing myself for a big game. I wanted the sounds to be strong and get the crowd hyped. I also envisioned each song being played during a live game or even during a highlight reel as background music.”

“The Challenge?” Cruze states, “The various Beats in the song selection were very difficult to match, as they weren’t congruent. This presented a challenge for me in addition to keeping with the relevancy of the material. For example; I carefully blended several complicated beats in the mix, including: Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town,” and “Run this Town” by Jay-Z (featuring Rihanna & Kanye West). Making smooth transitions are essential in my production. Any musician knows the rhythms of those songs, in particular, are no where close to each other.”

Listen to DJ Cruze’s Official March Madness 2013 Mix here:

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