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DJ Cruze Biography

At the very crux of his career, DJ Cruze (given name Luis Gutierrez) was imparted knowledge in literary form. While nightlife and path building were all integral aspects towards gaining notoriety on the entertainment scene, DJ Cruze’s quest and mindset is amongst that of moguls and tastemakers; he sets out to build an empire in addition to a solid network of connects. Like 50 Cent and Russell Simmons, DJ Cruze gathers inspiration from a database of industry knowledge and mantras in Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power. From this novel, DJ Cruze imparts daily wisdom and reassurance no matter the pitfalls he encounters. The difference from then until now, is simple. Rather than playing with the cards he’s being dealt, DJ Cruze’s uncanny approach to his profession is to maintain control of his career, on his terms, at all times. As stated in The 48 Laws of Power, DJ Cruze’s motto is to “Control the options: get others to play with the cards you deal.”

Rather than become categorized, DJ Cruze’s versatile style has set him apart from his competitors. No genre can classify this Emcee; not Top40, Dance, Hip Hop, or House. DJ Cruze’s talent captivates every audience, as the beats, mixing and mashing of his extensive musical library provokes high-intensity emotions on the dance floor. Being a true master of the mix is an art; it involves understanding the nodes of musical composition. DJ Cruze’s blending and transitioning is flawless fluidity for any venue, destination or occasion.

Most known to date for his sets and residencies with Hot 97, ClubZone.FM, Soho Nightclub in addition to his collaborations and appearances with Tracy DeMarco, Drita D’avanzo , Ramona Rizzo, DJ Khaled, DJ Yonny and DJ Camilo, just to name a few, DJ Cruze sets to cross boundaries along with industries effortlessly…working the turntables from High-Fashion Runway Events to Multi-Venue Promotional Tours and Concerts.