The Come Up Prince


At the very crux of his career, DJ Cruze (also known as The Come Up Prince). At a young age, Cruze was fascinated about the nightlife and the composition of music. He comes from a family of musicians, and at a young age began his journey to become the star he is today. The way Cruze got the name of “The Come Up Prince” came from a young age, his mindset was to build a DJ empire by traveling the world. With his experience and knowledge of music, he’s equipped an arsenal of tunes and ready to play to the world. 

Rather than become categorized, Cruze’s versatile style has set him apart from his competitors. No genre can classify this DJ/Emcee; not Top 40, Latin, Hip Hop, or Caribbean. Cruze captivates his audience by his high energy, and takes his audience through an adventure by telling a story with his music selection. Having a multicultural background and the streamline of musicians in his family, Cruze continues to entertain and play to thousands of people a week. 

The Come Up Prince has a handful residencies in venues in north and Central New Jersey. But, has traveled to play in places throughout the US. Just to name a few: South Florida (Miami, Hollywood and Ft Lauderdale), Washington D.C, Central PA, NYC.  

The Come Up Prince has DJed venues with a multitude of celebrities and radio jockeys. Just to name a few: Tracy DeMarco, Teresa Giudice, De la Ghetto , Alex Sensation, DJ Camilo and much more. 

In conclusion, “The Come Up Prince” has managed to live up to his alias, establish a brand for himself and share the stage with some of the most elite DJs in the New York City area. For more about Dj Cruze, click the links below.


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