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As if enough “Blowing” hasn’t been going on for Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, she’s taking her racey reputation and using it to capitalize at all costs. Now, she’s released “Blowing,” a heavily auto-tuned single and we’re speechless!

It seems that every one and their mother is attempting their chance at the music industry, whether talented or not. From Real Housewives to Vanderpump Rules and pretty much any other reality based show, these stars are determined to turn their 15 minutes of fame into 20. Whether rapper, model barber, etc. the industry is becoming over saturated with every-day people trying to get noticed. Being a jack of all trades, but specializing in none is Back-Door Farrah’s hindrance.

“Blowing,” which features Farrah’s daughter, is her latest single which is a message towards her “haters” and bullies in general. DJ Cruze doesn’t see Farrah making it very far for a number of reasons; one of which include the fact that no one will feature on her projects due to her controversial brand image and lack of musical talent. Although we couldn’t get an idea of her true vocal range or talent, DJ Cruze suggests that she continues using auto tune to support her on the record. True artists use auto-tune as an attribute to their natural talent; using auto tune for the entire record isn’t necessarily respected in the industry.

We beg to question the DJ Cruze fans, who’s better at making music…

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